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How to insert smilies in text on P800

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Posted by laffen
Is there a way to insert smilies in a SMS quickly on the P800? I can write them like this :-) ;-) and the P800 converts them to smiling faces, but do you know about a shortcut for this.

Posted by stianj
Edit > Insert object > Smiley

Posted by laffen
Of course

Posted by tranquil
That does not work on mine...

Posted by AMD
Hi, guys!!!

Where, when & how much did you pay for your p800.

I do allso want one so please help me.

I do have both telenor & Netcom subscription, so if you tok an "utstyrsendring" tell me how much you paid...

Thx a lot

Posted by Hobbes
Du får den på itbutikken.no til 6000kr uten abbo

Posted by dal_l

On 2002-12-29 18:20, stianj wrote:
Edit > Insert object > Smiley

Learning a new tip everyday

Posted by ervil
Tranquil. Have you enabled smilies in Control panel (connections)-Messaginng accounts?

Posted by jac12
Re Hobbes

Kan ikke finne den på itbutikken.

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