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New Free SMS Blogging Service Launched

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Posted by glimtco
We just beta launched a new free instant SMS blog service today (Wednesday January 16.).


Do test it out and tell us what you think.

SMS Blogs are created instantly when messages are sent to the SMS gateway in the U.K.
Test is out: Send any SMS to: +44 762 48 06 257

Your SMS blog is then created instantly and published in plain text. Blog can be opened easily in your mobile phone or PC on this link:

(Country code (44 for UK) and phone number is the URL).

If you like it please help us spread the word around!
(Cut and paste this post and forward it. )

Hans at glimt.com

Posted by aremaboy
Cool. Just tested it from my livingroom right here in Indonesia.

Posted by glimtco
Help us spread the word around.
We want users!

Posted by aremaboy
Cool service. Posting blogs in just one click. But, is it safe enough to use the mobile phone number as part of the URL? It would be safer to use codes, not phone number. Just a suggestion...Will it be free all the time?

Posted by Twometre
Fisst of all, wellcome to Esato my online hometown. Back to the topic then, do you mean that you just send any sms to that number to have it activated. Most things have hidden charges, evil: are you sure that there are non here?

Posted by glimtco
Hi thanks!
Yes, you just send your sms to that number and its activated.
And its free.
No SMS charge, no SMS ads, no nothing.
Just a cool free service.
It cost us nothing to receive the SMS'es so we can offer the service for free.

We have not yet worked out a business model for it yet, we make no money from it.

But we thought is was so cool we wanted to launch it.

We make money from our email service Runbox, this is product development.

Please try it and tell us what you think, please help spread the word around!


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