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Where do you Browse ESATO??

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Posted by ROSAN

I use it on my mobile through Opera Mini. I use the xhtml one.

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Posted by Tsepz_GP
I use my phones Safari Browser or Opera Mini and sometimes my PC and i do Full HTML on all of them.

Posted by whizkidd
Mostly the HTML lite version on my phone.

Posted by gola
Mostly on my phone's mini opera yeah...

Posted by skylineR35
unfortunately for me im using computer.
more precise, using Mozilla Firefox....

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
I also use Mozilla Firefox on my MacBook computer. But I believe I discovered Esato through WAP on my Z600.

Posted by OffLineR
Using Firefox at home and at work.
Because esato don't have a server side cookie service I use Google Browser Sync Add On in order to syncronize my cookies at work and at home.

Posted by deluded
Mostly on Opera Mini when I'm on my phone. And when I'm at home, on Firefox on my notebook.

Posted by Trev1982
Sat on my bum haha you asked!!!!


Posted by JC08
Opera Mini on my k810...

Posted by Red_Rach
Mainly on my PC or Laptop.

I rarley look at Estato on my phone, its too much like hard work.

Posted by OluYom
I'm browsing the HTML Lite version on the Blazer web browser on a Treo 700p.

Posted by paul101
i browse on my pc or laptop

Posted by Kryptik
mostly HTML lite, using Netfront on my Nokia 6680

Posted by methylated_spirit
Work of course, where else?

Posted by leeboy13
Im right there with ya meths

Posted by tranced
so am i

though i do it at home too, but not that often

Posted by Wuz
PC...home and work

Posted by aldrinus
PC... home and sometimes at work when there's a chance

Posted by Twometre
I use the full Html on opera. If it starts slowing down I use my mobile default browser. At times I connect my phone to the pc but it consumes a lot of airtime.

Posted by razec
-The fastest Browser - Opera 9.xx + PC - love the speed dialing!
-Mozilla FireFox v3 - i loved the skins customization:)
-Mozilla Firefox portable/Opera v9 USB portable - the best for my portable needs as the computer shop where i log here uses the second rate IE-6 (btw i'm currently hundred kms away from my hometown that's why )
-IE 7 - sadly this sucks!
-Opera Mini v4 - my phone screen is painful to read/navigate the entire page
-NetFront v2 satandard for SE phones - nice but can be better
-IE mobile from my windows smartphone - a pain for navigating pages

that's all

Posted by carkitter
Opera 9.24 + Laptop at home in evenings and during my 3hr lunch breaks , at local library recently when the keyboard died...

Posted by max_wedge
At home on PC with IE or my wifi WM5 device using PIE.
On public wifi when out and about (laptop or WM5)
On 3G/K800 when out and about

Posted by coba
at home..much faster!!

Posted by ayejatt
PC and on me ipod touch

Posted by marty mcfly
Opera Mini on my phone, viewing the full HTML version.
Opera on my PC too. It was Firefox, but after the most recent update it crashed every 10 minutes so it got ditched.

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Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Yeah, the latest Firefox is pants on a Mac too. Thinking about going back to Safari actually. I browse Esato on my MacBook wherever I'm sitting around my house.

Posted by Killfr3nzy
Work (right now..), home, mobile phones !

Posted by Evil Eye
Opera Mini most of the times. The xhtml lite version of Esato.

Posted by lukechris
Esato is blocked at our schoo. I GOT CAUGHT ON ESATO USING A PROXY SITE AT SCHOOL.

Posted by Neo-Tech
On my iPhone rarely and on my PC the most.

Posted by Melinium
all most the time with my phone

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Posted by chuaherson
I browse esato on my phone. I use opera mini.

Posted by Milworm
all most the time by my cellphone

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Posted by mycode
i use the wap version on my phone.

This message was posted from a 6600

Posted by Jenova
on my phone using opera mobile or mini

Posted by iksplusipsilon
Opera 9 / 10.00 alpha at home ( FF feels clunky compared )
Opera Mini on P990 ( got addicted to shortcuts )

Posted by Fanofmodi
Allways on opera mini my phone and never on pc.

Posted by kikawi
@all hi,how i use opera mini for browese free wiht iam marok thanck

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Posted by SloopJohnB
Mostly Firefox on my hp notebook and also Safari (iphone).

Posted by cadcad
Mostly Esato Wap site on my G900's opera browser not the mini I don't like it & the full html version on my Macbook pro's firefox browser.

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Posted by QVGA
Firefox on my PC

Posted by HxH
Firefox for sure

Posted by nicv27
Usually when i am at work so i use my iphone

Posted by dennevhyn_31
I browse Esato on my phone using Opera Mini 4.2. :)

Posted by HPkuK610i
firefox at home,or sometimes with Opera Mini on my K610i when not at home

Posted by chombos1
fire fox on PC and opera mini 4.2 on P990 when i find a wifi hotspot.

Posted by pLu
Firefox on pc when im outside, opera mini mod on phone...

Posted by jayminmedina
portable firefox 3.0.5 at office..

Posted by aquared29
if not at home i use my phone using operamini 3.1, i use firefox and opera 9.63

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