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I did something naughty today!

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Posted by ajack
I was in the bank today and was waiting for my number to be called as there was many people in the bank. Out of boredom, I did a Bluetooth discovery to see if there was any other Bluetooth device around. A name appeared on my screen "Nokia 7650" which obviously means some poor Nokia users has his Bluetooth switched on.

I looked around and didn't see anybody around me using that brick... I mean Nokia 7650. I then proceeded to create a new contact in my phone which had all it's fields empty except for the first name which I gladly filled with "Buy Ericsson!" and made my R520 send that business card to the Nokia 7650 and a guy a few feet away from me suddenly had his 7650 making obscene noises in the bank. He took out his 7650 and started looking at his phone (and looking lost at the same time).

I couldn't contain myself and left the bank. Thought I'd share this story with all.

Maybe we should do this more often in public.

Posted by Eva-m00
Will have to try that one! ;o) -Eva

Posted by Pistvakten
COOL !!!

Posted by tranquil
That's not noughty... It's just telling people to use common sence.

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Posted by wrecked_porsche
Hey Ajack, share your story in the R520 thread. LOL :-)

Posted by wrecked_porsche
Look under the General section for the R520 thread.

Posted by Raven
lol... If i got a message like that from an r520 i would just roflmao! = )

Posted by shithappens

Score 1 for SE user 0 for brick layers errr nokia users i mean.....

Posted by caff
Haha......great story !!!!!!

Posted by jalu
I'm sat in work atm (o2 call centre) and everyone here is a phone buff (or thinks they are) so having read that story I decided to experiment...

Searched on Bluetooth and found me a 6310i somewhere in the area - made a contact saying "Sonyericsson for ever" and "Buy a T68i" - sent them both and lo and behold the nokia special SMS sound is heard!

I couldn't see who it was and I didn't want to get up because it would have made myself look obvious, but I had to restrain myself and stop a big dirty grin spreading all over my face

The most fun you can have in public

Jalu - happy for the day now

Posted by jcpsad
cool stories!!!

Posted by GSMgeek
I dont think that nokia7650 supports bluetooth. Correct me if i am wrong.

Posted by GSMgeek
Hehe.. Sorry..... Its nokia 7210 and 6610 that dont support bluetooth. So blur..

Posted by wiltonson

On 2002-12-16 14:26, GSMgeek wrote:
I dont think that nokia7650 supports bluetooth. Correct me if i am wrong.

This post was posted from a T68i

yes you are wrong.

and yes i just did it. i send a weird contact to someone using my R520 and i don't know who he is. he must have put it under silent mode as i didn't hear anything.

Ahh the guy disable his bluetooth already.

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Posted by jalu
I'm up for more humour at the expense of hapless bluetooth users...

Any idea for good names?

PS I've already done Phil McCrackin and Ben Dover and Billy Willy Asshat - should I send more or leave it at that?


Posted by pachy
I had no idea Nokias had an audible alert to incoming data, the t68i doesn`t so i just thought nothing did, i`ll try it, sound great.

Posted by rufocused
So how far apart from each other will BT work,i thought you had to be in line of sight with the other phone to work,and will it also work on other brands of phone eg S.E. to Nokia and vice versa.

Posted by legallypogi
Hehehe! LOL! Got an idea now!:-)

Posted by Jowi

Posted by Zvika
i would like to try it!
but we cant use BT in Israel, so ill just have to laugh my ass off
down with the finnish brick layers! Hail to the swedish blue bricks ^_^

Posted by Jowi
If i send bus.card,does d rcpnt knows who sent it?it doesnt hv any caller id,right?how about sending notes via bt?its quicker creatng a msg than a bus.card.

Posted by Superluminova
that pretty funny

Posted by gatevital
Hardly as funny but, I managed to connect to someone elses hbh 30 whilst walking past a carphone warehouse, by accedent!

Posted by jalu

sry dun no wot u meen spk nrml ya

Posted by T68iFan


You cant use in Israel? Why not? Is it a security concern? Are the phones' diasbled before they are sent to Israel?


Posted by JwY
u guys have too much fun with ur bluetooth.
i have yet to try it out.

Posted by Jim
have to try this, someone at my school must have have bleutooth on, I hope ....

Posted by fu|at^t68
kekekke, yeah... i experience that before 2 weeks ago when come out from the cinema for the movie "Die another day".

it's great to detected a Nokia 7650 and i send him this. "get a SE and u will not die another day like james!"

but too bad.... just before i can send the msg out.... the connect break off.... i can't get back the connection. guess he/she must have too far away from me.

Posted by caff
Next time, we can use the bluetooth to date a girl !! Hehe, if she got a bluetooth enabled phone and the bluetooth function is turned on , we can send our business card to her ( but make sure she's a pretty girl) and ask for a date ! That's Cool !!!

Posted by JwY
heh, that's quite risky if u don't know who trhe phone belongs too,
it'd be akward if it was another guy lol.

Posted by ajack
Hi guys, I would like to hear from all what else we can do to promote SE or similar experiences. Visit my site and email me. I will compile a list and post them on my site. Http://renegade.w3xs.com or ajack@w3xs.com

Posted by shithappens
darn!!! u guys haf all the fun...wish they were more BT users where i'm at.....

Posted by caff
Just found out that we can also transfer the post it note on the T68i using bluetooth, so we can send note to other bluetooth enabled phone other than sending business card or contact only ...........Cool !

Posted by ewap8
Haha, nice one, gotta try it sometime!

Posted by thanasis
Sorry a question from an amateur bluetooth user like me!
Which mode do i have to have bluetooth on in order for my t68 to automatically/ suddenly find sbdy or for sbdy else to find me? Is it not really battery consuming to have it on the "ON" mode?
cheers, have fun !!

Posted by fu|at^t68

last i tried to sent post note from one t68i to Nokia 8910. it can't work.
it's only the card can do.

Posted by caff

On 2002-12-17 14:06, fu|at^t68 wrote:

last i tried to sent post note from one t68i to Nokia 8910. it can't work.
it's only the card can do.

Really ?? Maybe 8910 sux...how about 7650, can it receive post note from T68i ??

Posted by fu|at^t68
nope....... save as 8910... only can use the contact card....

unless they both save some same or similiar application like contact only they can communicate.

Posted by Jowi
I tried sending a note to a 6310,it doesnt work.

Posted by Andy.
Today i was doing some shopping and there was a Nokia promotion bus parked up - with promoters taking photos of people and sending the pic to the bus using bt. the photo would then be displayed on the side so you could see how the camera on the nokia works.
So i did a bt search and found Nokiabus 2 and i decided send a logo to so it would show up on the screen
but the conection broke and it didnt work again

Posted by toyboy
This thing is really cool of messing with other people,will surely try this out.

Posted by ajack
Hi all... an update. Was at the airport (KLIA) and managed to repeat my stunt on another Nokia 7650, a Nokia 6310i and another only identified as \"Phone\".

Posted by lfbuccat
I was wondering if the bluetooth of the 7650 is "ON" by default since I have been seeing a lot of 7650's bluetooth connection when I try to do a discover...some have passkeys but a lot are just open..even without names...geez a lot of 7650 owners must have no idea what bluetooth actually does!!

Posted by ajack
You only get a passkey prompt when you try to pair BT devices together. Yes, Nokia users don't seem to know much about their phones... as long as it's a new model and they get to boast about it. Silly aren't they?

Posted by 2tangy
This is one funny thread! I'll definitely have to try this out when I next go into the city to see how many people I can catch out

Posted by Villain
That aint naughty at ol

Posted by bart
nice one, but lets hope that guy doens't find you here on esato.
we should all try to find those nokia people whit there bleutooth function on and send them buy or your phone will crash haha

Posted by Mesh
ye, so can some one guide me how to do this and like step by step as im new to SE phones and wud love to try it, much beter then n e nokia i had! some one please tell me thank you!

Posted by KaHjOs
What you do is when you are at a bussy place goto Connect>Bluetooth>Discover. if you find anyone then you are in luck. Then create a contact called buy t68i or something offensive and then save it. Then goto>Phone book>manage contacts>send contact and then select the one and send it to the stupid swedish brick owner.
I saw some guy with a t68i and bt headset so i sent him one saying 'nice phone' and out loud he said, in the middle of a croud on the tube, thank you. it was such a lol moment but i had to keep it in otherwise he would know it was me

Posted by shithappens
man!! u guys REALLY DO haf all the fun....

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