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PM notification [updated]

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Posted by tranced
with Opera 9.20:

with IE6:

why this?
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Posted by tranced
now with mozilla and opera

Posted by masseur
I see both in IE... its new today

the first appears on a page you are viewing, without refreshing, if an PM arrives

the second is the standard notification that you see when you refresh the page or move to anther page

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
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Posted by tranced
ok, but what is this for?

Posted by masseur
its so that you can see right away, without refreshing the page, that a new PM has arrived for you

Posted by Sammy_boy
Good idea! So as long as you have Esato open and you're logged in the '1 new pm!' will pop up automatically? Handy!

Posted by paul101

Posted by LesleyAnn
yeah... like that feature!

Posted by A L 3 X
oooo start a PM chain...my turn someone

Posted by tranced
maybe you've noticed this already, but when you get a new PM you you know who sent it and you hear a "pling" sound as well in case you cant read at the moment.

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Posted by lukechris

Posted by aquared29
good to read that pals

Posted by Coquito
Sometimes it says the same and sometimes it appear like this:

Posted by tranced
it appears after a minute

Posted by yea g
Lol, you pm'ed yourself? Is that even possible

Posted by tranced
i wanted to give an example. that's made in paint though

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