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Blueeee.com! - FREE Bluetooth Instant Messenger for Mobile Phones

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Posted by momowheels
Blueeee! is a FREE bluetooth instant messenger for mobile phones.


What is Blueeee!?

Blueeee! is a FREE bluetooth instant messenger for mobile phones. Fun, fast, and easy to use, Blueeee! utilizes Bluetooth technology to search for friends online and chat with them exactly the same way as you would do with MSN/Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo AIM, or other instant messenging programs on your computer.

Is messaging with Blueeee! completely free?

Yes, most instant messaging programs on mobile phones use either the SMS or the Internet service provided by a cellular network to connect to the respective messaging services, and this costs money, because data and messages are routed through the service provider (eg. AT&T, Cingular). Blueeee! uses Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with another mobile phone running Blueeee!, and therefore bypasses the cellular network. This results in a completely free and unlimited communication channel between your cellular phones, and that of your friends and the people around you.


- Blueeee! is completely free
- Uses Bluetooth technology, no fees to pay whatsoever
- Contact list shows friends who are online around you
- Scrolling alert and graphical alert inform you of new messages
- Extra large screen for easy-to-read chat sessions
- Automatic scrolling of conversations when chat sessions get too long
- Supports chatting/switching between different people at the same time
- Nickname personalization
- Choice of sound or vibration alert, or both when new message arrives
- Choice of automatic or manual refresh of online contact list
- Most phone models supported
- Interface modeled after the most the popular instant messengers on PC
- Fun, fast, and easy to use

Posted by Sammy_boy
sounds good!

Interesting idea!

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
Text version of walkie talkie.

Posted by Sammy_boy
I would download it but am a bit suspicious of it asking for my name and email address before I can download the app!

Posted by momowheels
Just FYI, I think the form is optional, and that you can bypass it simply by pressing Next

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