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Change delievery address mid transit? USPS/Parcel force?

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Posted by Luke-the-magic-man
right, just had a large shipment of iphones from the us sent. But realised that the delievery address is well off aka not even my address. I need to re-route the iphones when they get in the UK. How the hell do I do this?

I have things like the tracking number and where its going to/from, but dont know if/how I can do what I need to?

Ay help appreciated.

Posted by smilerthe cheshirecat
Do you have access to the address??


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Posted by Luke-the-magic-man
nope, I no longer have access to it.

If I call the UK courier with the tracking number recon they will change del address?

The problem is they also put the wrong fecking name on the parcel.

Posted by smilerthe cheshirecat
I am guessing the people sending the package would be the only ones to change the details...

Posted by Dogmann
Hi Luke,

Sorry to say this but i think you may have a major problem here as if they fail to deliver to the address it is sent to it will return to the depot. But as it is not correctly in your name or address i can't see them releasing it to you when you turn up and your proof of ID and address don't match the delivery address and person sent to.

Also i don't see that after you phoning them and claiming to be the correct person they should be delivered to they will accept this either. I would think only the sender could and can make these alterations and you will need them to notify them of the fact they have put the wrong name and delivery address and change it from their end. I am sure this is not what you wanted to hear but can't see what else you can do except contact the sellar and get them to fix it. I could understand a small mistake but both the wrong address and name is a massive screw up IMO.


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Posted by fatreg
you've got no hope Luke..

contact the person sending as soon as..

only then can do it..

Posted by Luke-the-magic-man

I rang PF today

The items are not in the UK yet, but I asked them if I can have the address changed to my work one as no one will be there, they did say it was possible. Not sure what I can do about the name if they ask me to collect it from the local deppo tho... All I have is proff of address so Im hoping as long as the address is right the rest will click into place....

otherwise im fooked

Posted by fatreg
how different is the name then??

theirs only so many ways of spelling the magic man...

Posted by Luke-the-magic-man
lol well different name and surname...

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