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Gossip Girls announces Gossip Girls On-the-go, free celebrity news and wallpapers

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Posted by wattpad
GossipGirls.com, a leader in celebrity news and images, announces Gossip Girls On-the-go powered by FeedM8.

According to independent Internet ratings sites such as Quantcast.com and Compete.com, GossipGirls.com, also known as Celebrity-Gossip.net, is one of the most popular web destinations for the latest celebrity news and images. Gossip Girls' exceptional content also syndicates to over 9,000 websites, including Fox News, USA Today and Howard Stern.

To access Gossip Girls On-the-go, simply go to http://www.gossipgirls.com on your PC and click "Get Gossip Girls on your cellphone". Enter your phone number when prompted, an SMS message with the link to Gossip Girls On-the-go will be sent to your phone. Alternatively, you can visit http://m.gossipgirls.com on your mobile phone browser. Just like all websites and blogs powered by FeedM8, Gossip Girls On-the-go is available on all mobile operators and all mobile phones from major manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sanyo, and Panasonic. More information about FeedM8 is available online at http://www.feedm8.com.

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Posted by Alexandra
A K850 running Windows XP?
Definitely photoshopped.

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Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
^ photoshoped or just a stretched wallpaper

Posted by wattpad
Hi all,

The attached bitmap is a screen clip of http://m.gossipgirls.com running in a PC-based WAP simulator. The user interface will be very similar when running on a real phone. Of course without the XP scroll bar

Hope it clarifies things a bit.

The FeedM8 team

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Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
Hmmm...now tats interesting anyway nice site thanks for sharing:)

Posted by Danny_BFC
Whats the name of the wap simulator if you dont mind me asking ?

Posted by Mizzle
You really shouldn't have it saying FeedM8 at the top instead of Sony Ericsson. I'd remove that, if I were you.

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
^ what about nokia?

Posted by wattpad
Hi ..:/Ğanny:..

We are using our home brewed WAP simulator.

The FeedM8 team

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