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Posted by lpachuong
Hello everyone.........

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
Btw im not from Vitename im from ur Neighbour thread Easto Pakistan. Just thought to greet our new neighbour:p how r u? Do visit our thread

Posted by aatuif
a still closer nieghbor, india...
welcome dude...

Posted by lpachuong
Cac ban vietnam oi, hay post vai bai o day voi.

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
I cant understand Vitnemist language but i know its sound like chines right? But in latin script.

Posted by lpachuong
Not the same, actually. We use different language, pronounce differently and also our writing is different as well.

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
Oh! Well its look like u r only member here from Vitename. Tell me about cellcular networks there?

Posted by lpachuong
You are right. It seems only me on this thread. I will try to get more people from my old forum to move to this forum.

About our network, we have three every old networks: VINAPHONE, MOBIPHONE and VIETTEL (free GPRS). Among them, Mobiphone has developed a lot and it is trying to support 3G through out my country. The other two just support 2.5G. Since my country has just joined WTO, I think we are going to have more services from other foreign companies: taiwan, china, india, and of course, US. About signal, we don't have signal at 850. One more thing: cell phones in my country are cheap and all unlocked.

Posted by tphg
Chao ban Chuong, nho mail cua ban ma minh tim ra thread danh cho nguoi Vietnam. That tuyet! Nhung hinh nhu rat it nguoi Vietnam vao Forum nay ban a. Minh di lam suot ngay, toi ve cung ban ron lam, nhung vi thich voc dien thoai nen minh tranh thu thoi gian vao cac forum SE.
Hy vong minh se hoc duoc nhieu dieu hap dan tu ban.

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
@lpachuong would u elaborate tat Viettel network who r giving free gprs as well?

Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
@lpachuong tats gud now u have ur country fellow in ur thread now aap dono apni zaban mein chu pa chu mein baat ker sako gay

Posted by Big_D
Question to Vietnam users.
- Are any of the Xperia phones available in Vietnam?
-Xperia TX, Xperia Acro S, Xperia S, Xperia P, Xperia U, Neo, Neo V, Neo L? would it work on any of Vietnam network?
- Would I get the full service, any issue with SMS, PMS/MMS? internet (but that's not important)?

- I have a Xperia TX LT29i (SIM Free, unlocked), how much does it cost to get a Micro SIM card, prepaid? and what are the rate for the minutes? how many for such amount of Minutes?

- A major question is.... does android smartphones work in Vietnam? not just for someone travel thru Vietnam, but for someone who lives there?
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