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Posted by >500
hi all
new forum here, not mine, but that of a friends, sort of, he set it up for his friend

im a mod over there, i moderate the sony ericsson section.

site will include many things, similar to other phone forums. We will also be doing phone reviews, that will start soon, or a bit later once we have more members.

so, please feel free to join, and help it grow.

also feel free to comment on the site or if you have any suggesstions for it, please do let us know in the appropriate sections

edit: heres the link http://www.modmymobile.net/forum/cmps_index.php

MAY THE BE WITH YOU! formerly known as ads1107,jedi-master...

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Posted by PeterKay
so whats the website?

Posted by Evil Eye
@>500 you forgot to post the link

Posted by >500
oh, ooops, http://www.modmymobile.net/forum/cmps_index.php

thanks for the heads up pete and evil
MAY THE BE WITH YOU! formerly known as ads1107,jedi-master...

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Posted by PeterKay

Posted by >500
we need more members

Posted by BobaFett
good luck with the new site, have fun with it

Posted by Danny_BFC
Looks like a nice site mate.

I dont know another mod site so good idea

Posted by Baez.91
if you are a moderatr you can olease put some things becuse the page look good but he need more things for example a dowload area

Posted by SE4NICK
Looks a little plain and un colour co ordinated....

Posted by >500

there is themes section etc there. ive suggested ringtones, wallpapers etc be added to that tap to owner of site.


esato isnt exactly colourful and exciting, 2 colours almost i think it looks fine personally.

thanks to those who joined. still need more...

more sections will be added i thik, im posting suggestions to the owner daily.

Posted by SE4NICK
Well esato's colours look more co-ordinated.......

I will join not ATM though

Posted by PeterKay
Esato is just right, not too much.

Posted by >500
esato is fine because its plain and simple just like MobReview.

i must say, se-nse is best looking forum. like the orange/black etc.

hope to see you there soon nik

Posted by SE4NICK
I joined.....

Is it just me or is their no option to use a custom avatar

Posted by >500
you can put what ever avatar you wis im fairly sure

Posted by rockygali
@ >500

one thing... theres a thread there that has a title Official 340x220...
and another thread with the title 220x340?

you need mods up there mate...

Posted by >500

can you please post the links here? i must be blind

re avatars, no you cant have custom ones, but there are plenty to choose from, i can have a custom one of course

ill pass on the request. or, those who have suggestions/ideas/complaints etc.

please feel free to post them here where michell has


Posted by >500
oh, im also aware there is no rules please dont take this as an invitation to go rioting though

its a new site, very new, they will be added in next couple days.

Posted by SE4NICK
No avatars !!!!!!!!

The preloaded ones don't duit me, they are S**T

Posted by >500
no avatars is fine. esato doesnt have custom ones.

ive suggested this to admin, will see what they do though.
nick, you can post the idea your self you know

Posted by >500
apparently custom avatars have now been added. please look. im a mod, so automatically i can have customs.

but for standard members, please check now

Posted by SE4NICK
Ahhhh good avatars are now enabled....calmin down....

Posted by >500
its a new forum, changes will come sooner or later. give it time

but yes, custom avatars are NOW AVAILABLE!

Posted by $herry
I joined...see ya ppl there

Posted by >500
thanks sherry

Posted by CrazyBoySnp
Hey >500,

Appreciate the help. Yes we are new and there are a few bugs still tow ork out.

The best way to make it work is have people offer suggestions and report issues that can be addressed help it work for everyone.

I really like this site and have visited alot but just register

Its very nice to find a new home here and there

Posted by >500
enjoy your stay crazyboy

Posted by >500
ok forum rules up now

oh and, dont forget to put me as your referal (or what ever its called) when joining

Posted by carkitter
Oooooooh! Nice looking website! Some very interesting looking reviews there too. Will look closer when I'm more awake... it nearly 2am here. Thanks for the heads up!

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