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Download hungama wap content for free.

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Posted by hacker12
First activate airtel live profile >
connect ur mob to pc >
connect Gprs using airtel live,>
goto add & goto hungama wap site wap.hungama.com 0r
suppose u want to download konena's wallpaper,
goto wallpapers> more than follow these steps care fully
right click on the thumbnail remembar right click & not leftclick if u hit the left mouse key u will charge 10rs for it,
than as u rightclick on it popup menu will be displayed,from that click on copy link address ,
& past it any where say in notepad file, it will look like,
just change the keyword content frm the address by free, as
than copy it & past in ur download manager,so by this way u can download any content,
which have "content" keyword before download, remember only "content"

i recomend to use opera browser,
& the initial settings if u don't ,
insert the ip & port as & 8080 to ur browser & download maneger,
u can also download frm if u don't know

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Posted by Chartreuse Eyes
Hey guys i tell u wat kind of hardwork he would ask for. 50rs per person. Recharge his mobile n tat trick will be urs. Me personaly thinks its risky. Wat after recharging his account he will say.Bakara!!! Or other false excuses like ye meray area mein tou chal raha hai dont know wats matter at urside.

Posted by ajeetpv
I think mods should move his post in 'market' section.
Kick him out from here

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