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ESATO - all around the world ( pls keep to topic! )

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Posted by BobaFett
had this idea lately, to introduce where we are from ( do know, we have a similar thread already, bit this is - would be - a dedicated one ). so pls follow my way, take a piece of paper and write on it "esato", make a pic of the environment u think its a well known one, interesting or famous. lets share and show our loyalty and respect to esato on this way, imo it would be great to see "live" the place we post from and display as a kind of appreciation the word, that made our life more better and meanful: E S A T O.

Lake Balaton - Hungary

Aquila non capit muscas-Cand. Mag Mt. S.V.P.E.N. MTL -/// 4ever!

/// Ericsson Forum

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Posted by maggflodd
Nice idea - now we'll get to see axxxr's mi6-office ... Once I'm out of witness protection, I shall reveal my location... P.S. Your sign seems to say "EsaLo"... Is that hungarian for "on sale", and you reused the sign? Is that how we honour esato

Posted by axxxr
Indeed a nice idea but not exactly new, i do believe fatreg thought of this last year for promoting esato.

I will have to now reveal my super secret HQ!

Posted by PeterKay
Nice idea Boba.

Posted by axxxr
Its no good saying its a nice idea, without posting any pics with your own esato sign!

Everyone who posts here should wite with a pen or print out ESATO on a A4 sheet paper and a take a picture useing there camphones or cameras just as Boba has done...be creative people!

Posted by laffen
Ski jump at Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway. Photo taken in middle of May

Posted by *Jojo*
@laffen - Ohhhhhhhhhh . . . you just made us recall again how the GOOD-old, Esato-logo looked like . . .

Posted by axxxr
Great Picture laffen!

Posted by fatreg

On 2007-05-02 13:24:12, axxxr wrote:
Indeed a nice idea but not exactly new, i do believe fatreg thought of this last year for promoting esato.

damn right doggy, i did, and people poo pooed the idea...

Posted by batesie
on the telecommunication theme i thought i'd get....
Esato at the BT Tower...


Posted by goldenface
Greetings from Liverpool

The Royal Liver Building - Pier Head, Liverpool

The UK's Best Selling Phones

P990i + BT30Q

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Posted by djtwistter

skl london accdemy

Posted by Kryptik

Taken yesterday at 09h00 during the coldest day ever recorded during the month of May (10C) in Port Elizabeth (coastal city along the south eastern coast of South Africa). The pic is of one of my pupils standing with her back to the Swartkops River, on the outskirts of the city.

Posted by antichrist
just made a few minutes ago from rear balcony which is heading north

Posted by antichrist
haven't i told you i also was at balathon lake? here's the proof

Posted by SaLiH
This is my friend holding ESATO logo, when I had asked him to do that, he asked me is that something japanese:), I explained him what it is. The best forum about mobile phones in the world!
So, behind him is the famous Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hope you like it. You can find more about it here:



Posted by maggflodd
My backyard!!! west of Ireland...

No exciting landmark... "just" home

Posted by goldenface
Great pic magg!

but one might ask why you are sat inside a car - was there something wild on the loose, your cat again maybe?

Posted by maggflodd

On 2007-05-30 10:09:03, goldenface wrote:
Great pic magg!

but one might ask why you are sat inside a car - was there something wild on the loose, your cat again maybe?

actually: spot on!!! that bugger is lucky his tail's already come off 2 years ago!!!
(that was taken with my old k750 - not a darkside-image )
... Know your enemy...

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Posted by goldenface

Which county is that?

Posted by maggflodd

On 2007-05-30 10:36:29, goldenface wrote:

Which county is that?

mayo... that lake in the background is lough conn near pontoon

Posted by aatuif

On 2007-05-30 10:03:44, maggflodd wrote:
My backyard!!! west of Ireland...

No exciting landmark... "just" home

looks good...

Posted by maggflodd
@ aatuif,
k750i is a nice little phone after all... you should try it one day
you cannot see it on the pic, but we had gale-force winds that day (that's why I stayed in the car, goldenface )... so I used "burst_mode"... pic could have been better!

... Know your enemy...

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Posted by axxxr
Great Pic maggflodd!

Posted by Johnex
Stockholm from above

Posted by goldenface
Great stuff! Stockholm looks nice and sunny.

Posted by ofiaich

Just got back from Japan! I won't upload the photo's with no ESATO mention!

First ones are from the top floor of the hotel I stayed in in Nagano-ken

Then went strolling around the city....

This is a room in the ryokan where I stayed....

and views out of the window!!

and some great sake and food!!

and me with my head in the clouds!

Coffee Time !!

and play time !!

That's all for now! Off to the Lake District in England tomorrow!

Will add some descriptions later,


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Posted by DickySnapples
great pics!

Posted by goldenface
He, He.

Excellent, thanks for contribution. The mountains look spectacular and weather looked great, looks like you had a great time, bloody amazing!

Makes me want to visit even more now

You'll have to tell us more (although I'd be even more envious! )

Posted by ofiaich

thanks Dick Snapples and goldenface !

Weather was not really good at all! Rained a lot and I was fortunate to be in the south part of Nagano-ken. Severe earthquake in north of where I was !

I took a few photos outside a Docomo shop but didn't have my ESATO paper with me!


Posted by DickySnapples
Japan is one place i reeaaaallly wanna visit.
been to the lake district loads though,really nice place

Posted by *Jojo*
@ofiaich - The BEST compete-to-details UPLOAD I've seen so far on this thread

When I was NEW here . . . I thought Esato was a Jap-name

Never knew that you are that old too - Sir Looks like: Sir VGA, is one of your contemporaries here . . .

Posted by Supa_Fly
@ofiaich - pure OLD school having fun.

That I really like to see. I hate this notion that as you get older you get lax and have no clue about technology or that you cannot communicate effectively or even be active. we get BETTER with age, and more savvy! Good show!

this is what some of us mean that ESATO was a GREAT place to visit in its youth, and with recent complaints & ravages have tried to lesson the place. Posts like ofiaich's gives me hope!

now I gots to come up with something better.

Soon my friends SOON!

Posted by ofiaich

@*Jojo* Thanks! I took about 300 photo's but only these have my ESATO sheet !

I think VGA is way ahead of me! In the 'Bathroom Thread' I think he said he was 75 ish ? That was last year... I have just turned 53 but my Santa Claus hair makes me look Santa's age...

@Prom1 Thanks very much! I spent my first week in Japan teaching counselling, Tai Chi and then in the evening, a practical Kung Fu...So yes, keep fit on the swings too!

Looking forward to your coming up with something better!

I am off on more travels now!


Posted by PeterKay
Brilliant Pics @Ofiaich, weather looks lovely.....

Posted by ofiaich
hi PeterKay!

weather was bad ! typhoon only a few hours before and a serious earthquake to the north!!

one fine day that that was 35 degrees!!


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Posted by Supa_Fly
@Ofiaich, you're probably in better shape that I am & I'm just 19yrs you junior.

Well here's a shot. All photo's taken with K790a - locked but unbranded Rogers Wireless circa with latest firmware R1J

First off for those that ever feel that Esato gets too vulgar to stay just remember this ....

My Son

Me at the entrance on Front Street to the SkyDome & CN Tower (weather was overcast with high smog

SkyDome - home of the BlueJays

Me same spot, with my son at the trigger. Took him a bit to figure out that hump buy the camera button was not the button I got distracted when he took the photo.

CN Tower on Wellington Street downtown. Condo being built just behind my Son where a public parking spot used to be - soon they'll be no more in downtown Toronto. To my son's left is the CBC Television Broadcast headquarters of Toronto, satellites above.

Posted by goldenface
Great pics Prom1


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Posted by goldenface
I'm off to Barcelona for a break soon. Expect more 'round the world' pics.

Posted by *Jojo*
@golden - Take some images of the King & Queen for me will ya mate

Posted by ofiaich
Hi everyone!

The day after returning to England, I went to the Lake District for a week! Here are some photos !!

This one was taken by Bassenthwaite Lake! I had jet lag and was awake at 4.00am!

The lake is in the northern area and is very peaceful!

and for those who want, you can check it out on a map or google earth!

In Keswick, there is a famous pencil museum, here is their old van !

Their page is here !

this is near to the jetty on Derwent Water ! I took the ferry across the lake and back.

and on returning, called in for refresments! This sign was a tad interesting, especially when you consider where it is displayed!!

Better move on!! In the evening, here was a great pub, only 20 minutes walking !

I did take photos of and in the pub but forgot my esato paper so,,, not posted.. The beer was great!!

Here is a link for the brewery homepage!

The next day, went for a drive and ended up at a quaint cafe in Caldbeck!

Lots of Jams and other preserves !

Just around the corner was a picturesque stream with cottages !

Moving on! Loweswater is another beautiful place with an inn, called the Kirkstyle Inn tucked away!

Their page is here

The view from outside is great and there is even a church next to the pub No comments about religious drinkers..

To tell the truth, I don`t drink anymore,,,,,,,,,,,, but I don`t drink any less!!

The food and beer was excellent! The inn even brews it`s own beers!!

Time for a break! Part 2 coming in a few minutes!


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Posted by amawanqa
Gee ofiaich, we were in The Lake District around then as well; would've been keeewl to meet a fellow Esatonian around Cumbria.
We were by the Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake on the way up to Keswick and Cockermouth too, as well as Kendal, Windermere and Ambleside as we drove around Lakes Windermere and Coniston Water.
Drove past the old slate mine museum on the way to Buttermere along the B5289.

Posted by ofiaich
thanks goldenface and amawanga !

Yes, it would have good to meet! Need a thread that publicises members travel plans!

I went to Windermere but too touristy here for me! But touristy places are OK in Japan !!


On the way back, stopped off at Grasmere !! A bit busy there but good atmosphere!

There was also a small quaint building, that was pehaps a gatehouse on a bridge in times gone by!

Last ones coming now!! I also drove through the Honister Pass! Not the scariest but some drivers not prepared to give an take,,,,,,

I fell asleep on this rock...

but no esato paper here, just an Old Esatonian !!

After this, went on to Ullswater !

Ferry in the background.

Then on to visit the Aira Force waterfalls!

Then a nice drive back through the Kirkstone Pass and back to base!!

Thats probably Grasmere Water in the distance!!

Now then!! For Esatonian`s that are also CAMRA members, here is a good pint!!

I bet someone argues that it is too full and needs more froth!

Take a bubble bath if you want froth!!!

Hope you all enjoyed!!


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Posted by amawanqa
Blackburn Rovers media/conference room, Ewood Park, Blackburn:

Posted by amawanqa
Wanqa woz ere too LOL (sorry for the crappy cameraphone quality in this pic, taken in equally crappy conditions, as you can probably see):

Loch Ness, Highlands, Scotland.

Oh, and no sign of 'Nessie'; perhaps the creature spotted me first...

He who laughs last...thinks slowest.
T39m, T630,P900, Nokia 7600 & N73

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Posted by goldenface
Greetings from Barcelona

Posted by paul101
from Loch lomond!!

Esato @ loch lomond

for full size contact me by pm and i shall send you it (i also have copy of pic without the piece of paper )

i smilies:

Error 405: Reality.sys corrupted. Universe halted. Reboot (y/n)?

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Posted by scareface
quick shot out of the window next to me

cheers from the heart of Italy

Posted by *Jojo*
@of - Nice pics ! Looks like the page ON the notepad was NOT turned even ONCE . . .

Posted by ofiaich

it didn't need to be because the range of dates was written on it!

But the other pages in that notebook are full of notes and new contacts!

Next trip to Japan is March 2008 so more piccies from Japan then...


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