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Why do text messages cost so much?

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Posted by masseur
I have often wondered about that question and I just came across an article at "Why Are Text Messages Marked Up 7314%?" which also asks that question

actually, I don't text that much because I think its a total rip off. You can get bundles of texts included in your monthly package but operator still continue to charge exhorbatant amounts for this service

I do wonder why more people don't do as I do, and send and receive emails from the phone where you are not restricted to 160 characters (or less) per message.

I think that article does forget there is a litle extra data overhead when sending and receiving emails when connecting to the servers before transmitting and receiving but the point is still valid.

am I the only one who prefers emails to texts?

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
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Posted by >500
you may want to fix your spelling mistake mass your title

back on topic though, i send sms more. never can be bothered setting up the email account

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Posted by QVGA
Well for one, my hotmail account cannot be set on a Nokia atleast. I've tried tried and tried!

Posted by BobaFett
i love texting, got 450 for free via wap access at my operator since ages. so if i wanna save money, i just text the one and most of them call me back anyway, cos they wanna hear the whole story

but masseur is right on some way, in most cases 1 min call is cheaper then the sms itslef and 1 minute is a really long time, to tell the most important tnhings, at least more, than 160 characters

Posted by goldenface
I am completely with masseur on this one. I can't understand this whole mms/sms business, they are expensive and restrictive. PAYG texting is extortionate!

I prefer email definitely but half the problem is getting your best mates to set up a special mobile email account on their handsets.

When thats done there is really no limit to the amount of stuff you can send between devices; full music tracks, long videos (bigger than the 100kb MMS limit here in the UK), higher definition photos, or all these at the same time!

Superb if you have an unlimited data account

Posted by voda_jon

I agree some what with the comments above but things r gettin better... I mean Vodafone UK have plans this month which offer UNLIMITED TXTS and UNLIMITED Calls every month...

Plus Voda UK MMS messages can be upto 300k in size... has been like that since last year

Posted by masseur
I use my normal email account that I have had for 12 years.

I haven't set up anything special to use on the phone

yeah, its even better on unlimited data accounts

Posted by goldenface

I understand but some networks charge for MMS by-the-page.

So if I wanted to send say a picture + short mp3 that can be as much as 0.80.

How long is a 300kb video message? 15 seconds?

I have unlimited data for 7.50/month with t-mobile. As many pictures, videos, emails, mp3s, documents etc, till the battery runs out

It just makes more sense.

Posted by masseur
just out of interest, how much are these unlimited text plans?

Posted by SE4NICK
Emails cost me more than sms on my current "deal" only because of internet charges, if it wasnt for those dam charges i would be doing as u masseur

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Posted by voda_jon

As far as i know its 40 a month and that includes voda family so u get unlimited free calls to 4 nominated voda numbers as well!

AND, they r giving ANY phone for free on price plans above 35 so u can pick ANY phone u want for nothin on that plan!

Posted by antichrist
i would love to use email on my phone but i can't set it up

Posted by goldenface

On 2007-03-28 14:22:56, antichrist wrote:
i would love to use email on my phone but i can't set it up

Have you not tried the email configurator on the SE support site?

Posted by Seanyb2
Its wrong that they even cost 10p as texts take up little capacity on the networks. Also i think they should be about 3p or so as with Virgin though thats to the same network. I text alot though mine are free every month from Orange pre pay. Dont think the networks will ever bring down the price of texts though.

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Posted by masseur
email settings for the phone use exactly the same settings as email on your pc, assuming your using a pop3/smtp or imap service

the only difference is that your smtp server will probably have to be set to the server supplied by your mobile service provider

its dead easy to setup and takes a couple of minutes max

Posted by Aivar

On 2007-03-28 08:04:28, masseur wrote:

/---/ am I the only one who prefers emails to texts?

I also prefere emails. Usually I send couple of sms during one month. My "personal best" was ca 30 (or was it 36?) sms per one mone month.

Usually I use sms when I am abroad. Also during christmas and other holidays - when I get sms I usually reply to be polite

Because of my work my email programm is always running and I receive and send quite many emails during a day (when I am not away from computer).

Sometimes I also send emails from my mobile phone. It's more cheap than sms and the text limit is not 160 characters.

Posted by harryville
I used to text quite a bit but now that I have push email on my phone I use that instead. Its a lot better.

Posted by p900 lover
See i would love to use email on my phone but i have no idea how to set up, when you guys talk about pop3, servers, log in I'm totally lost lol

Posted by Greggy
as i dont get any txts on my webnwalk contract i txt via wap, theres always ways to send wap sms or push sms

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Posted by fatreg

you'd love my phone bill then..

29 pages of pure texts this month...

and they don't cost a bomb. they cost me 35 a month for 550mins and unlimited texts..

and while i use email too like 16mb a month mail, text is just easier and not everyone has access to mail on their mobiles..

also did you know that sms where actually a mishap on the gsm network? it wasnt supposed to work! it's a flaw...

On 2007-03-28 11:57:35, voda_jon wrote:

As far as i know its 40 a month and that includes voda family so u get unlimited free calls to 4 nominated voda numbers as well!

AND, they r giving ANY phone for free on price plans above 35 so u can pick ANY phone u want for nothin on that plan!

methinks voda online aint playing that game...



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Posted by masseur
this was really never about what bundles you can get 'coz obviously when you agree a contract you can pick and choose whats included.

its more about the basic charge per text message charged by the operators when compared to their per megabyte data charges

Posted by fatreg
ahh yeah an sms is less than 1kb but hey ho..

why charge 1p when then can charge 10/12p??


Posted by whizkidd
I pay 1 rupee per text here in India... Hmmm for comparison sake thats about 0.01 UK Pounds.. I guess that should be cheap eh?

Posted by Dogmann
Hi all,

I absolutely hate sending texts and even though it is included in my Flext Tariff as i can use my allowance for minutes or texts i never text if i have an option. In reality texts are the thing that got all of the Networks out of debt and profitable quickly as call charges have continued to drop from the original 25p per minute charged by the minute. Texts are the greatest rip off ever as the actual amount of data sent is minimal and so is the real cost. The funniest thing of all is that Texts are classed as Data usage and were and are used to bolster the growth of Data usage reported.


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Posted by Miss UK
Texting is better if you don't or can't be bothered talking to somebody,
ive got 1000 free mins of calls to any network after 7pm and tbh half the time i'd rather just send a text message

Ive got 500 free messages so the cost means nothing to me,
I can use that to sent MMS aswell which is free.

Only message I pay for is International ones which I think is 13p or something like that

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