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ATTN: W800i Owners - W800i bluetooth contacts

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Posted by vampyriaerotica
Hi all,

I need a BIG favor for you W800i users. My LCD went blank/ white recently but the phone works fine.

I would like to bluetooth all my contacts in my phonebook to my other SE phone. Problem is that since I can't see the screen, I could not do this.

I would aprreciate it if someone could post the key strokes to bluetooth all my contacts via bluetooth.

Thanks in advance for the kind one!

Posted by gaming_guy
main menu > # > Left (on joystick) > select > Select BT should be on now

if it is in hidden mode, follow the steps above but when you get to the first select, scroll down one, then scroll up one and press select

EDIT or just use the data cable and MYPHONEEXPLORER to get the contacts off it
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Posted by Sammy_boy
There should also be an option for backing up your phonebook onto a memory stick, you could do a backup then restore it to your current phone - though I don't know what the keystrokes are!

Posted by tranced
why dont you use FMA or some program to export your conctacts?

Posted by vampyriaerotica
Thanks for the posts guys but I really need the key strokes from main menu screen until "send all contacts by bluetooth"!

As stated above, I can't see anything on the screen hence the key strokes are desperately needed to get to the send contacts menu.


Posted by alrodlop35
Menu, 8, joystick up twice, select, 6, 7, 1

It should start searching. If you have any paired devices, these will show up at the top so just calculate to send to wherever you want.

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