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All American Esato users, What state / Service Provider / Phone

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Posted by gsmwraith
Tulsa, Oklahoma AT&T T68i GSM, 8260 TDMA

Posted by jnonhoffzieg
My sig/profile says it all... How about firmware version as well?

Posted by gsmwraith
T68i R3B003 ... locked to AT&T

Posted by snap-hiss
Central PA, AT&T WS, SE T68i


Posted by BlaSTiWi
per sig & profile on AT&W WS.

Posted by Paladin27
Michigan -> T-Mobile (Voicestream) -> Sony Ericsson T300

Posted by MrSavoy
Long Island, NY here with TM..... 2 T68's and 1 8290 as a back up.

Posted by amagab
Kaneohe, Hawaii --> T-Mobile --> T68m --> R2E006

Posted by DJ Teknosys
South FloridaT-MobileT68i (adriatic blue)T300

Posted by Chad03
Dallas, Texas -> AT&T Wireless -> Sony Ericsson T68i

Posted by pofromchgo
Chicago, Illinois, t68i, AT&T Wireless!!

Posted by coulterjohnson
Fort Worth, Tx | T68i | ATT


Posted by Supa_Fly
Hey im from Canada, and if i may...........Ontario-->Fido-->T39m-->R2F i think been a while since i checked. Unlocked :-o.

Posted by atsamala

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Posted by atsamala
hello ppl!

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Posted by gnosis
My signatures says what I have now. I used to have a Nokia 8260, also with AT&T WS (but TDMA of course). I sold that on eBay for about $70, bought my new T68m from AT&T for $170 (shipping + taxes incl.) and will receive a $50 rebate... so doing the math, I spent only $50 for upgrading to a color phone. Sweet deal, eh? It's ALL about eBay, my friends...

Posted by rj
southern kali

·T···Mobile·| cinguLar

2 SE t68i/SE t68m/SE T300
Moto T720i/Moto V70/Moto V60i
Samsung S105

Posted by T68iFan
Los Angeles

T68i (locked)


Love the phone. Service is fair.

But I can't stand that MMS is still not supported by AT&T.

Posted by peanotation
San Diego, California ~ AT&T Wireless ~ T68i GSM Network w/ MMS support. I get AWESOME reception everywhere I've ever traveled in the US, EXCEPT in the community where I live (Carmel Valley) it's only about 3 miles wide in size, but it PISSES me off. I LIVE HERE. I GO TO SCHOOL HERE. I EAT HERE. I SLEEP HERE. and reception sucks.

Posted by Deltayoda
I was in California and used Cingular, T68i.

Posted by frankie_c
T68m(ie) updated to R5D007. T-Mobile, Durant, Oklahoma. Perfect reception with MMS support. Phone has not crashed even once. I cannot complain about any features except BT with HBH-30. Other than than, everything works great.

Posted by Sparky72
Orange County, CA
T-Mobile Serivce
Unlocked AT&T T68i

Posted by sfaguy
California - T-Mobile - T68i

Posted by sfaguy
frankie_c wrote:
T68m(ie) updated to R5D007. T-Mobile, Durant, Oklahoma. Perfect reception with MMS support. Phone has not crashed even once. I cannot complain about any features except BT with HBH-30. Other than than, everything works great.

frankie_c, where did you get your firmware upgrade? Did you have to send the phone to the service center? What was the turn around time?

Posted by cmm3
T68i locked to AT&T wireless here in NYC

also have a vodaphone UK pay-as-u-go sim i'd like to use for international messages.

(i just need a 1900 Mhz phone that can read the ^&**^^$ SIM card) <--- sorry.. the whole "locked phone" thing gets me VERY worked up!

(i woulda probably waited for the NOKIA 7210 to come out if i had known i'd have to go thru a whole unlock procedure!!)


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Posted by T68iFan

On 2002-11-16 09:57, peanotation wrote:
San Diego, California ~ AT&T Wireless ~ T68i GSM Network w/ MMS support.


On 2002-11-16 21:40, frankie_c wrote:
T68m(ie) updated to R5D007. T-Mobile, Durant, Oklahoma. Perfect reception with MMS support.

You guys can actually send and recieve MMS's? If so, would you please send one to me? My number is 8182077123.

I don't know about T-Mobile, but the AT&T site states...

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, a way of sending images, text, and audio using a mobile phone. AT&T Wireless does not yet support this type of message. Currently, you can send pictures using only mMode Mail.

I've been waiting patiently for MMS, so if it's actually supported now by US providers, I'll be very excited.



Posted by MNGuy
t68i (unlocked, bought it in NY)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

There's not a lot of users here

Posted by deepdickman
T68i-ATTWS, T68i-Cingular, V60-Cingular, Siemens S46, Cingular (ALL UNLOCKED!) & i85s-Nextel
Greensboro, NC

Posted by digita1lovedoll
T300 (with Communi-Cam)
Los Angeles, Ca
T-Mobile (with MMS support!)

Posted by fisherking
nyc...att. got the "unlimited usage" plan, so i can plug my phone into ac, & leave it on all day ;-)

sometimes even talk to someone...

like this phone a lot (altho running up a ridiculous wap bill already *sigh*

Posted by pinolo77
Internship in Los Angeles, CA
T68m/i on Cingular

Posted by shawnmccall9
I have a R520 on T-Mobile...also have had a T68m and ATT GSM...both were below my expectations

Currently, a T62u on Cingular, also roaming on T-Mo with a T39 until I get a hold an S56


story of the 100thMonkey

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Posted by bently
Chicago NW suburbs -> T-Mobile (Voicestream) -> Sony Ericsson T68i

Posted by cibalom
Use it in both places listed in profile. No problems with coverage. T68m->i

Posted by d_a_r_k_n_e_z_z
to t300 owners, how much do you pay a month and how much you got your phones on your respective networks? which one of your networks has international texting? i just arrived in L.A. 2 weeks ago and i would like to know the best service provider here to get a t300 and how much is the cam too. thank you guys

Posted by rivieram
T68i (Waiting for P800)
USB Cable
AT&T Wireless (1000 minutes/mo for $40)

Like others in this thread, I want my MMS!


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Posted by cibalom
My cousin got the T300 brand new with cam (official T-Mobile packaging) for $30 CASH (no rebates) after signing up T-Mobile 1000 minutes anytime unlimited weekends for 39.99/mo I dont know where the store is- if you want me to find out reply to this post.

Posted by Tom Servo
Birmingham, AL / T-Mobile / T68i / R2A014

(possibly the oldest T68i software on the forums, lol!)

Posted by bently
streamwood, il

Posted by Maz42089
AT&T-SE-T68i (soon to be unlocked)- Las vegas NV

Posted by DKav
Orlando, FL
At&t Wireless

Posted by diegogalban
Miami, FL, T68i/T28WORLD/5190 T-Mobile prepaid (summer), and Salamanca, Spain T68i/T28WORLD/5510 MoviStar prepaid (winter)

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Posted by RichLok
Los Angeles, CA... T68i (unlocked), Panasonic GD87 (fu**in sweet) on Cingular network... I WANT MMS!!!

Software vers. R2A014....

I need an upgrade....

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Posted by elisaandjim
Orlando FL, too! I have these:

t68i with at&t wireless
Nokia 7210 with tmobile/at&t wireless (unlocked)

Posted by euangel
metro Phoenix, AZ

Posted by potok
T-mobile, T300 (just couldnt wait for t68i anymore) unlocked, Phoenix metro, AZ
with mms, sms great service and coverage

ATT, T68i, Phoenix metro, AZ
ok sms only to us market, no international sms??? why?
mms, sure one fine day?

Cingular prepaid (CA), Fido prepaid(CAN), O2 prepaid(UK), TIM prepaid(IT), and VIP prepaid(HR). what can i do i love to travel........

Can someone exchange pictures between T-mobile and ATT, and how? email to MMS, or MMS to email doesnt work, it cuts the picture. Sms (or is it ems) only gives me b/w images, grrr

hmmm do i need to put phone bill here? more then damn car and house payments together? WAP from T-mobile 10mb, $7.99, from att 2mb, $7.99. T-mobile total 850 SMS $2.99, att 1 SMS $0.10, now you figure out

Did anyone ever buyT68i from T-mobile, i had to cancel mine from amazon.com after months of waiting. Is it any fun?

Posted by Rhumbabum
Central PA, AT&T, T68i

Posted by euangel
I just got a T68i from Amazon within the last few weeks. I ordered it on November 10, and it shipped on November 14. Only cost me $50 after rebates!

Posted by jh67
Well, I'm from Denmark,..but staying in Seattle for a while.

Using T68i (bought in Denmark last spring),..and I've got a Cingular Prepaid.

I got no reception/coverage at all in this area, where I'm staying, outside Seattle. Cannot use the phone at all
In Seattle its fine,..and when going to Comdex in Vegas, reception was great.
I only wanted to get a prepaid,..as I didnt know for exactly how long, I would be staying.



Posted by waddie
Houston, TX with T-Mobile, T68i. great coverage (except in my residence, suburbs). can use international SMS, GPRS and MMS without any problems

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