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Can I save an SMS on my PC

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Posted by Zero1
Firstly a very big shout out to all at estato from South Africa.... You guys ROCK for making it such a kick ass site!

Right well... i was wondering if anybody knows how i can save an SMS from my Sony Ericsson w810i on to my PC?

Is there any way to do this because when my inbox gets full i hate having to delete msgz that i would really like to keep (like poems form my girlfriend and stuff...)

I know that Nokia can do it with thier PC suite but i would really like it if my w810i could do the same coz then i can honestly say that my Sony Ericsson is 100% better=)

doing so will score you brownie points for the afterlife=D


Posted by LasseMan
My Phone Explorer will do the trick.


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Posted by tranced
How to transfer SMS messages to PC?

Posted by Zero1

The MyPhoneExplorer app kicks ass and works perfectly! I can now save everything i need... its a very nice piece of software=)

If i wasn't a student on a tight budget i'd definately donate something for the trouble undergone to provide such a solid piece of coding!

Anyhoo, THANKS again guys... you made my day superchicken;)

Posted by jz_1691
this post still rocks even after a few years! i was just wondering about saving my SMS and typed it in. voila!
nice post. thanks guys!

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