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The Wifi on My P990i, keeps saying unable to connect

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Posted by danhoare11
I have a very new and rather expensive router, with Wifi capabilities, 802.11b/g. I tried to connect my Sony Ericsson P990i on to it, through the wLAN options, however it always tells me, "unable to connect".

I tried disabling WEP on my router settings, but to no avail. Also I tried with the WEP key, but I haven't got a clue what it is, or what it's used for.

Any Ideas/help much appreciated.

Belkin 54 802.11B/G Router
Sony Ericsson P990i
WEP security enabled/disabled, no difference.

Posted by amanno1
Welcome to Esato.You have to set up for wi-fi in your phone.I`ve got wi-fi and i`ve my p990i to connect to it.If you`ve got a secure connection on your router,you`ve got to enter the wep key in your phone,when you set up an account.

Posted by tindo196
welcome to esato .the only help i can give u atm is that there is already another thread on this topic which is many pages long ,if u go to the discussion forum under the symbian phones thread then into the p990 topic im sure u will find the one on the p990 dealing with wifi issues-it covers almost all issues

Posted by pachy
If your router is "open" "unsecured" your P990 as it comes out of the box should find it, it should show with a yellow star & connect easily, if it doesnt show the star then its th routr security setting you should look at rather than the phone.
I connect to several Belkin 54 routers no problem, P990 likes Belkin 54's
Reminder; milk, sugar, crisps, post letter.

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Posted by hragsarkissian
welcome to esato,

just sell your p990, before it drives your crazy.

Posted by koto
If you didn't find the answer yet please explain what you did so far (regarding phone and router setup) and I will try to help.
Wifi is a fantastic feature. In combination with P990's brilliant screen and full browsing (downloading) support one gets a true PC functionality when it comes to internet experience. It would be sad if you don't use it.

Posted by danhoare11
Thanks Very Much to everyone for their help. I've managed to access it now, it was the WEP key that wasn't letting me go on. Thanks to all that helped!!

Posted by Busters
Hi sorroy to hijacl this thread, I have connected to my router but my P990i keeps using GPRS to connect to the web. How do i specify that it uses wlan instead of GPRS??

Any help (Koto hint hint) is appreciated.

Many thanks

Posted by pachy

On 2006-12-28 07:34:46, hragsarkissian wrote:
welcome to esato,

just sell your p990, before it drives your crazy.

Sorry to see u didnt sell yours quick enough.

Posted by scroitoru
@ Busters
u must setup the preferred account, and specify the order in which the phone will lookup accounts to connect to the internet.
look under control panel -> connections -> internet accounts -> groups.
Always a good thing and a BIG advice: READ the documentation before

Posted by Residentevil
Make sure your router is set to g/b, coz the P990 only does b.

Posted by hragsarkissian

On 2006-12-28 20:51:55, pachy wrote:

On 2006-12-28 07:34:46, hragsarkissian wrote:
welcome to esato,

just sell your p990, before it drives your crazy.

Sorry to see u didnt sell yours quick enough.

I sold it 2 weeks ago. I am back with my P910i, it's the sh**iest phone i have ever used till now

Posted by koto
As scroitoru said just specify the order and make sure wifi is on the first place. One more thing: Choose 'internet accounts - options - preffered mode - CS only' and you will always know what connection is ongoing because gprs blue triangle will appear only when gprs is in use, otherwise it will be empty.
Happy for you. Meanwhile happy users are continue 'fighting' with handy camera, wifi, superb screen and browsing (downloading), bluetooth stereo, amazing video experience, landscape office, querty, fm, usb etc.

Posted by HarvJH
I am new to using the internet on my phone, i have an orange livebox, if any of you know what that is. When i do a bluetooth search it comes up with it. I just don't know how i can use the bluetooth connection instead of the phone gprs connection. Also if i did get it to work would it be free? As it would go on my broadband connection?
Cheers Harvey

Posted by dave55

Patchy (or anybody)if your reading this please do me a walkthrough for wireless connection to my p990 with belkin 54.
I swear out of the box the thing connected but now it connects but no data flows just say remote server not found and 1 or 2 bytes in the accounts flow.
I have tried everything in this forum to date and it still won't connect. not even when i take the wep off. Tried the power save trick no good . Router set to b/g no good, wep on / open no good. Outside it works on free networks perfectly. This phone is driving me crazy, its going to take a flying lesson soon if things don't improve...


Posted by amanno1
Make sure it flys to south london

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Posted by koto
Could you browse with PC (wan)? And did you try browsing with laptop connected to your wlan or any other device besides P990? If you don't choose WEP or WPA or MAC filtering than your network is free and unprotected as well and it should be working. If it did work but suddenly can't then try restarting the phone or/and router (plug/unplug).

Posted by volvoman
OK just got my P990, and I am trying to connect it to my Orange livebox. can find the box, and have gone through the settings, but it just says unable to connect to remote server. I have no idea what this means, and have tried changing several settings, but with no joy. Could someone who knows what they are doing help me out with this please.

Posted by eslammourad
Hello ,

try this setting

Authentication : Open

Network mode : Ad hoc

Ad hoc channel : 1

then >

Data encryption : WEP

then >

Default WEP key : 1

Define WEP key : #1

WEP key : ( write the password )

then try to connect !

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