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what music acc MDS-60 or MDS-70

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Posted by bart
i'm planning on getting a nice W950i (you should 2) and i want to use it to listen to music at home. so i'm wondering if any of you have some experience with these 2 acc? which ones has the loudest volume, and whcih one playes the best music.


Posted by bart
nobody has bought this?

Posted by Residentevil
Nope, everybody is on the HBH-DS970 bandwagon.

Posted by P9DYL
The mds 70 is better as it has subwoofers and louder speakers...... but guesss what??? its also more expensive than the mds 60 whick i am getting for xmas for my white w850i

Posted by johny_dmonic
i have the mds-60. it's great and pretty portable. but it could have been a bit louder..at max volume both on the phone and on the deck..it's not that loud.

Posted by Coxy
Got the MDS-70 and a set of MPS-60 little speakers. The MDS-60 is just 4 of the MPS-60 speakers I believe. Anyway the MDS-70 is awesome, at full volume it is good enough to out-do a portable cd player easily. Sound quality is awesome too with no distortion (all tracks encoded @ 192kbps btw). I would certainly recommend it.

Posted by deluded
Sorry to dig this thread up at this time, but I was in the Sony shop this afternoon and they had an MDS-70 on demo. It sounded great, it's almost unbelievable for something its size. For those of you who are even considering getting it, don't hesitate, get it!

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