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Crank Ringtone.Ringtone from the movie Crank [mp3]

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Posted by has33
I don't know if it has been posted b4...couldn't find it through search.
So here it is !!!

Posted by ben_lloyd
Do me a favour please, can you host the file somewhere good please, rapidshare is awful, I cant get the file!

or just e-mail it to uk_lloyd@hotmail.com

I well want that ringtone!


Posted by has33
lloyd...U got mail

Posted by sanjcher
nice, it sounds good in a weird way on my phone

Posted by asfaq
amazing ringtone has !!! super stuff !!

Posted by Bandit

mind emailing to me also?


Much obliged.


Posted by Uncle Bob
Is it possible to post it on another hosting site as I would also like to have it.

Posted by Burgaz
Cool as poop!

Cheers buddy! Rapid share worked fine for me!

Posted by Uncle Bob
Nope, RapidShare does not work for me tried using Firefox and IE7 browsers with the same problem.

I keep on getting this message:

Download-session invalid. Please click here.

Possible reasons:

*Download-session expired. Direct-links last a few minutes for free users and a few days for premium-users.
*You requested this download-session from a different IP than yours. If you use AOL, try a different browser.
*If nothing helps, getting a premium-account will override the IP-check, which means it will solve this problem.

Posted by waibun_lee
Found it here:


Posted by Uncle Bob
Thanx Dude, I was now able to download and get it on my phone

Posted by quebiq

there you go guys..

Posted by Cheermay
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Posted by darioz
Thanks for download link. Now my ringtone is amazing!

Posted by fluke9

Posted by shazinaz
I have found this info extremely good!

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