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IPAQ 3870 at 299. Good deal?

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Posted by psikey
Notice that Carphone Wharehouse (UK) are selling the IPAQ 3870 at 299.99.

Is this good value for money?

Is this still a good PDA to buy and use with the T68 or would you still recommend waiting for P800.

Posted by lazarini
Im using the 3870 and the t68i the devices work great together and i got the ipag round the same price witch is a god one if u have more questions mail me and il be glad to answer them for u :-) my mail is ipaq3870@email.si

Posted by peanut
I use this combination for a year now. They are great. My advice though is to ensure you apply all available rom updates to the ipaq. Also when you get it, if you have the backlight issue send it in for service straight away!

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