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Tmobile international roaming, these people are crazy!

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Posted by djsaad1

I was just in Israel for a month and I just got back with a 2,000 dollar phone bill. I have about 500 calls on there that are incoming calls that i didn't pick up. Tmobile charged me 3 dollars per incoming call that i didn't even pick up, just because the phone was on. I just called to scream at them, but had no luck. How can they do this? Just because the phone is on and someone calls me, that gives them the right to charge me 3 dollars?

Posted by Sir-SonyEricsson-man
We have the same problem here in Norway with Telenor Mobile. But only if you have voicemail activated. That means the call witch hasen't been answered will still be transported to the country you are inn. So my tip is, when you visting another country, deactivate voicemail..

Posted by goldenface
Evil T-Mobile.

I thought I had it bad when I used 4 worth of Data in about 10 mins just browsing wap in the USA.

We just have to be careful.


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Posted by banki3z
woow 2,000 you could live off that for a good month.

Posted by sliu111

T-Mobile sucks!!!!

It charges very expensive international roaming.
It charged me $112 for 2 x 2 days when I visited Toronto and I left my Blackberry turned on by accident and it went out automatically checked my email, probably. I don't know what else Blackberry went to Internet by itself. I flied to Toronto and the next day, I headed to NY, and then I came back to Toronto after few days, and the next day, I came back to US. That's it. And after 1 month, T-Mobile sent me a bill of $209 ($112 was the data roaming while I stayed in Toronto for that short time.) I talked to their customer service, they just keep repeating the charge is valid, they cannot do anything. Their theory is that the connection is from your phone. You are responsible for it. What can you say?

I have to start to look for new carrier, and will never come back to T-Mobile. Its customer service is really like a gang, they don't care about you.

I think this charge is a kind of cheating, and also, probably illegal since it's not based on agreement, and also the price is ridiculous high. Again, their customer service told me everything is on the internet/or some paper probably, it's your responsibility to read them. Just you missed it.

T-Mobile really sucks.

Posted by anyer
2000 roaming fee, it's striking me. with these you can offer a other phone when you go out of country

Posted by am7272
I recently went to Toronto Canada for a vacation and got a $500 bill from TMobile / Rogers (as international partner)! And the $500 charge was for Internet roaming charge that I did not even use at all! I called Customer Service and said that there's a setting on the phone (which is Sidekick 3) where it will automatically connect to a network or something. But the whole point is THAT I DID NOT USE THE INTERNET WHILE I WAS IN CANADA! They transferred me to another dept telling me that they'll give me $100 credit for it with a 1yr contract . which is totally BULLLSHIIIEEET! I will call them one more time . but basically i would like to report this to the FCC and to BBB because they did not even take the time to investigate the problem and to give me details about the charge. I would like for them to show me what that 40MB of internet usage entails -- that i did not even use! If you encounter the same scenario please email me and let me know.

Posted by bmac17
I am having the same problem with Rogers/T-Mobile. I was in Canada for 1 week, used the web a few times on my Sidekick, and got a bill for over $1,000!

I travel around the world all the time and use my Sidekick everywhere. I've never had a data charge over $200 - even when I use web and the mail a lot.

There seems to be some kind of problem with the way Rogers is tracking data charges because I've never had this problem before - EVER. I should also mention that I used to work for Danger, the company who makes the Sidekick. I've used my Sidekick internationally for 6 years or so and this has never happened before.

I looked through my bill...on one day they claim I used 20MB of data - more than I usually use in a month. I happen to know that a typical web page on the SK is about 20K. That makes 50 typical pages per MB. So just on that one day I would have had to download 1,000 pages. I don't do that many per month! I'm currently battling T-Mobile customer care on this and have had no resolution. If we can get enough people together I would consider joining a class-action suit on this.

Anyone else have a problem with a Sidekick roaming on Rogers???

Posted by gforce23
Isn't it the same with AT&T? I'm currently in Asia and last month's bill is close to $190, although I did make a few outgoing calls.


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Posted by fbloise
Man, you better report to the BBB like the other user stated, and even to the FCC.

I received a bill from AT&T for about US$20 for receiving 7!! only 7 messages while I was abroad (visiting family in Dominican republic in christmas 2007).
While I turn the voicemail off, I was still receiving the notification of a new voicemail via SMS, so that was the problem and their excuse.
You'll say $20 is nothing but $20 for only receiving their crappy notifications is outrageous.

My opinion and advise:
Next time, unlock you cellphone and buy a prepaid SIM in the country you will be traveling. Even thou prices are kinda high to call back home, is nothing compared to end up with a bill like this...

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