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Which member is a guy and which is a girl?

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Posted by Pochi

Posted by don_d
I am a MAN too...wowwwwww

Posted by Mige
hi susie xD

Posted by weirdwilli
14 year old guy

Posted by shelly58

Posted by badassmam
I'm a badassMAN, not a badassMAMA

Posted by weirdwilli

On 2008-05-25 22:25:39, shelly58 wrote:

OOH! I know this one!...
A guy?

Posted by Kastrula
not telling here but old enough to know better.

Posted by narchieve





XY Sex Chromosome


"Peanuts"<---- Same sound with this words.. ^_^

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Posted by shelly58

On 2008-05-27 19:33:08, weirdwilli wrote:

On 2008-05-25 22:25:39, shelly58 wrote:

OOH! I know this one!...
A guy?

how did u guess?? yep im all...........................................................


always look on the bright side of life...de dum..de dum..de dum..

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Posted by fatreg
But you're called Shelly, not Lisa......

and there's only 1 Ms Stansfield.....

The Romans didn't build an empire by having meetings, they did it by killing those who opposed them.

Daily Esato quiz...

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Posted by Bonovox
Man. Half man half beast

Posted by CruSifiXken
regular legit guy here...

Posted by nikolat
I'm a 13 year old boy =[

Posted by Vlammetje

Posted by DJ Rocker
Guy here!

Posted by yea g
@DJ Saloma
Why did you open this thread again, its dead! (3 months old for a garbage thread is too much I rekon)

Posted by DJ Rocker
Because i m a newly registered user!
And who's DJ Saloma?

Posted by yea g
I think you know....

Posted by hi_laas87
Hi ppl am new in this topic nd i wishe be one of u here

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Posted by frankthetank
I'm a man, but my name is not Frank...

Posted by yea g
^^ yea its tank

Posted by MedMAx
Hey every body im a guy and my name is zaki

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Posted by chuaherson

Guy here.
And my username is is my real name.
having the opportunity to speak doesnt always give us the privilege to be understood...

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Posted by symj
man here.

Posted by tranced
i'm not what i thought Vlammejet was

Posted by dennevhyn_31
Guy here but my name looks like a girl's name. Hehehe! :)

Posted by Mrevilchap
well I guess my name kind of gives it away......

Posted by Dovey
Dovey is a girl. Reply.

Posted by cxxgame

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Dude here.

Posted by gtr83
I'm just a male loser.

Posted by w200

Dunno how many people on Esato have their nickname as their phone name.. Havent seen any till now.
Well quite lucky to get w200 as a name.
Well its quite a crappy phone but I guess it introduced me to the fabulous world of SE and Esato!!

Posted by alexslane
Bloke here , well i was last time i checked !

Posted by ceaser2008
(To alex) hey, you are the guy who ruined the cornershop. And you are suppose to be in prision. (to all) as my nick suggests, i am.... any guesses.... Yeah you are right. MAN.

Posted by alexslane
hey there mate , sorry about the shop lol , read my letter its a nice one .
yep i am a man .

Posted by hihihans
I was a young boy. But I'm way past 21. So now I'm a man, dum ta-ta-tadum tidum tidum yeah

Posted by asanka1
im a boy...
just 22

Posted by erazer007
Boy. 16 years old

Posted by Armageddon
Male 19 years old

Posted by markphil
sex: male
AFAIK 98% here at esato are male

Posted by faissel
Boy /18 years old

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Posted by brys182
22 here boy from Green city.

Posted by news
I'm a man, 20 years old :)

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Posted by sotam
Boy 20 years old...

Posted by princ3ss777
Girl - As you may have figured out from my nickname

Posted by dantc702
male 28years old here.

Posted by Rasta0000
I am half man and half phone;-)

Posted by lingqiang08
i'm a girl, young lady~

Posted by boy.in.PINK
male hir! 16years existed! any girl that has the same age as mine?! =P

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