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Creating custom EMS animations. Anybody need this program?

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Posted by ArtFedorov

Recently, I was searching for a program which will make possible to create custom ems animations, but it looks like there are no such programs at all.

So I sat down and inspected wbmp and ems files structure and after several hours I had my own ems animation file which I could upload to the phone and send to other people.

I've written program which does it automatically and I wonder if anybody else need it? If yes, I can upload program somewhere for public download.

I linked to the screenshot below, it can open monochrome bmp files and preview them as still images or animations. You can then save image to ems or wbmp file.

Here's the screenshot: http://artfedorov.ru/mpc/mpc_screenshot.png

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Posted by roopi
hey wow thats well impressive, could you post a link here so we all can have a play with it

Posted by ArtFedorov
Ok, I have prepared the program and the source code for download
Download from here: http://www.artfedorov.ru/mpc/

Posted by IRFCA_WDG-3A
Thanks. It works and i cud make an animation and send it to my Phone. But how do I add the EMS anim to a text msg?
The pic is there in the "pictures" folder on my MS, but isn't shown in the list of pics that I can add to a msg.

Posted by ArtFedorov
It should be in the list of "Animations"
Edit: I mean it's in Add image -> Animation on my K750

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Posted by IRFCA_WDG-3A
Got it. Thanks Fedorov.

Posted by babajee
sir new link reqire

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