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Best football eleven ever?

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Posted by Mulder7
This is harder than it sounds. Theres so many players especially when it comes down to the great midfielders so only players who have played within the last 10 years can be chosen.

Goalkeeper: Peter Schmeichel
Full backs: Gary Neville and Bixente Lizarazu
Centre backs: Maldini and Terry
Wingers: Beckham and Giggs
Centre Midfielders: Scholes and Keane
Strikers: Cantona and Henry

Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

You may think that this team is mainly Man United players and I am indeed a Man United fan and you will be correct but if you can pick a better midfield than that then be my guest. That midfield at its peak couldnt be beaten.

Posted by BFassassin
---ronaldo----------van nistelrooy


Posted by Mulder7
Nice team! Puyol and Gattuso should be in the current Man united team. Dunno about Ronaldo tho, little lazy for me.

Posted by BFassassin
he has been this last few years but im talking about the barcelona ronaldo he was unbelivable back then

Posted by JK
I think hes talking bout christiano ronaldo??

Posted by jenbones
keeper - schmeichel
defence - Terry, Sol Campbell, Maldini, T adams
Midfield - Beckham Giggs Viera Ronaldinho
Attack - Shearer Henry

(Last 10 years)

and yes i am also a united fan



On 2006-04-19 15:49:48, 786KBR wrote:
I think hes talking bout christiano ronaldo??

He's off his head if he is!!!!

jenbones (formerly jonesy789) (+25, -0)
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Posted by Mulder7
A United fan who picks Viera ahead of Keane?

Posted by BFassassin
im talking about the brazilian ronaldo anyway.

Posted by brix25
Keeper: G Buffon

Defence: Nesta, Campbell, Kole Tore, Silvestre

Midfield: Deco, Ronaldhino, Viera, Gattuso

Strikers: Henry, Eto'o

Subs: Christiano Ronaldo, Medved, Obafemi Martins, Zidane.

Call it unbalanced but this is the best team I could come up with.

Posted by jenbones

On 2006-04-19 15:56:52, Mulder7 wrote:
A United fan who picks Viera ahead of Keane?

Yeah, i always knew he was a better player imho, arsenal have fallen to peices without him, united havn't...

Posted by brix25
@jenbones: They couldn't be compared. Viera always came out on top...towards the end of his spell at Arsenal he seemed to have lost the plot.

Posted by sjindahouse
In reply to the first post,

How can you have a midfield without Ronaldhino?

Posted by methylated_spirit
Goals: Andy Goram - LEGEND
Defence:Cafu, Maldini, Baresi, Roberto Carlos
Midfield: Jimmy Johnstone, Zidane, George Best, Ronaldinho
Strikers:Pele, Maradona

Subs: Buffon, Di Stefano, Cruyff, Platini, Eusebio, Jim Baxter, Ally McCoist
Hello, Scroto!

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Posted by BFassassin
he said players from the last 10 years. thats why no one else hast best,pele maradonna etc

Posted by Krubach
Why is it that half the teams specified have players that are English/Play in England...

I bit short minded if you ask me...

Posted by Mulder7
@sjindahouse. I can have team without Ronaldhino because the midfield is balanced beautifully. Ronaldhino isnt a striker for me and I think he isnt a better player than Scholes in my opinion. Look at how many goals he's scored and the vision with his passes. He cant play on either wing so Beckham and Giggs play their.

Posted by Krubach

On 2006-04-19 19:05:55, Mulder7 wrote:
Ronaldhino isnt a striker for me and I think he isnt a better player than Scholes in my opinion.

Sorry... couldn't help it.

Posted by BobaFett

"Not only was the “Golden Team” a record breaking team, it also changed the shape and style of world football, influencing the next generation of football coaches."

"Then on 25 November 1953, when Hungary beat England, undefeated at home for 90 years, 6:3 and the major force in world football at the time. The return match took place in May 1954, when the Hungarian team won 7-1 in the People's Stadium of Budapest."


Posted by fatreg
ermm your missing a vital point boba!

he said last 10 years!


Posted by Mulder7
You fancy a go at a team fatreg?

Posted by fatreg
if i knew a thing about football i might!

but i dont, so i wont.



Posted by Mulder7
Best cricket eleven then because I have seen you post a thred on here before about cricket. I dunno how many English players will be included but i would only pick maybe Pieterson, Flintoff and Collingwood. Was a poor tour of India i cant believe i got up early to watch all the games!

Posted by nicv27
What about the best team? regardless of sport

Posted by fatreg

On 2006-04-19 22:01:51, nicv27 wrote:
What about the best team? regardless of sport

I can do that!

cycling is my sport

best duo here;

Road - Lance Armstrong and Chris Boardman
Downhill - Missy Giove and Cedric Gracia
XC - Barrie Norman and Bart Brentjens

and yes i know Missy is a lady, but she sure as hell could beat any man down a hill on a bike when she was at her peak riding for Iron Horse and Cannondale!

as for the rest they need no expanation, if you a single thing about biking!


Posted by Xugaa
cantona, ronaldo (man u one) and schmichael... i don't think so some how

don't forget the brazilian players, barcelona's etc...

"The only reliable thing about the future is uncertainty"

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Posted by Mulder7
@Xugaa- whats your eleven then?

Posted by loiboi
Goalkeeper: schmeichel
Defense: neville, carlos, campbell, terry
Midfeild: beckham, keane, giggs
Strikers: henry, van nistelrooy, ronaldo

Posted by Mulder7
The first 4-3-3 of the night is from loiboy.

Took my advice and posted a team then

Posted by loiboi
Yep. Always like the 4-3-3 formation and set up my teams on pro evo to play it, didnt work to well with man u tho :S

Posted by Mulder7
Has anyone got any ideas on the best England eleven then? (for this years world cup or best all time eleven)

Posted by Xugaa
can't really be bothered to decide...

but it sure wouldn't have one of them players in.

Posted by siamese plantpot
most of the choices there are very biased towards current/very recent players?

Posted by Xugaa
^ indeed i agree.

Posted by AlexBradford
Where is Pele, in many peoples opinion the best ever player, how can you forget the great van Bastien!!! Or my personal favourite player 'Zico' come on they have to be 3 of the best players of all time, and i am shocked to find i have not seen any of them in any team yet!!!

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Posted by badassmam
- Buffon -
Cafu - Nesta - Maldini - Carlos
- Viera -
Nedved - Zidane - Kaka - Messi
- Fat Ronaldo -

Posted by nicv27
neville carragher maldini carlos
beckham fabregas gerrard salgado
henry raul

Posted by bavlondon2
As long as Kenny Dalglish is in there!

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