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Get the highest score in QuadraPop!

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Posted by kulorex
here is a tip for gaining all that high score in QuadraPop:

> start your music player
> minimise it
>start QuadraPop at a higher level say (6)

now here is the trick...

>>> For every next coming item, quickly press and hold ur phone's volume button to skip to the next track. This will slow the game for sometime while your phone shows d song title.
There u go folk! that's all the time you need to multiply those digits!
I've never gone far with it simply coz i don't have that much time playing QuadraPop; but if u do and it works let us know.
So far my highest score is 40,000 (ah! what a shame)! But i know with my idea i could reach the highest score! haha!

Posted by citysoldier
Haha cheater

Posted by Xugaa
40 000, he he he

my highest playing it properly is 16 000 lol

Posted by rockygali
i tried doin it with a K750.. it wont slow down. i mean the speed for level 6 while playing music is quite slower than usual... but its not enough. and when i tried changing trax the speed is still the same.. its not slowing down..

Posted by johny_dmonic
this would only work in w800..when you change tracks, the title of the next song is displayed in the upper area of the screen..this causes any java app to slow down..thus the trick..it won't work on the k750.. >_>

Posted by jasond
For the record - without any cheats, my highscore is 50,370.

Posted by dgilmartin
My High Score screen is full with scores of 99,999, unfortuneately thats the floor in the game, you can't go over it P.S. Already a Quadrapop thread here

Posted by Shelly
Ahhh Ladies & Mens, I - like only a handful of you out there in the www have scored 99999+++ (as we know that's the max we can score) on allll levels including level 9 which is the highest! When I finally did it - I was very chuffed but now feel that I need more of a challenge! Why would an all round damn good phone have a limitation on the highest score?!

Any recommendations on games i could down load (free if possible)?

Posted by mart89
my highscore so far is 84400

Posted by rockdred12
my highest scroe so far is 69 905, without any cheats, but ill be looking for that kind of cheat eh.....

Posted by Master_Ryu
40,000 Ha ha Nice

I scored a lousy 11k
good trick though

Posted by ann3x10
99,999 doesnt exceed that score.

Posted by simonbring
Got 589,500 with a pic to prove it..! Anyone got any higher with pic proof?


Posted by Hoody
i have got 1025550 nd i can take a pic 2 prove it im so happy with myself...but also a loser lol

Posted by raj177
damnn mine has the 99,999 limit tooo....i got bored of beating it all the time

Posted by PabloMDiez
haha! Great!... But I Don't have Volume keys :S jaja!

Greets from Argentina...


Posted by muppet5
my highest score on Quadrapop on the Sony Ericsson is 114,930- have to say i am well chuffed!!!

Posted by Vercetti
Lol doesn't work on my K800i, my highscore is 11225.

Phone history: T20e, T100, T630, K600i and now K800i

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Posted by kulorex
Works only on w800

Posted by lemmor08
where can i find this game?

Posted by andrew4780
My mate has got a highest score of over 2000000, we're trying to get a photo and upload it.

Will show proof asap.

Posted by davison123
just got 427455 after playing for over an hour and a half!! how do ppl get millions?? are the points different on diff phones?? i play on a v630i. for example, 4 things wud get like 40 in level 1!!

Posted by ashleen85
My highest score is 556515 and my lowest is 328680, I am so addicted!

Posted by BanePFC
i have SE K750i but i dont have this game
where can I get it??
please help...

Posted by arien617
The game isn't slowing down on my phone, only the transition time between tracks is being affected.

Ham and Eggs: A day's work for a chicken; A lifetime commitment for a pig.
I my W810i

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Posted by lufc 4 lyf
mines 193095 and lowest 137025

Posted by Hemcan
I definitly wouldnt want to cheat! My score, on level 9, beginning to end is 125100 B-)

Posted by 2345876
Well, Without Cheating My Highest Score Is 825,370!


Posted by *Jojo*

On 2008-01-23 20:13:51, 2345876 wrote:
Well, Without Cheating My Highest Score Is 825,370!


@19 - Really That's quite an achievement matey !

Posted by W20i

my high score is 990 255 with W20i

Posted by tesndro353
I miss this game! Lol. Got addicted to this for a while back then. I remember my highest score is somewhere above 600k. Although I'm not very good at it, I remember most my long combos were just dumb luck. Haha

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