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how far could bluetooth reach?

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Posted by kazen104
yup, my subject says it all! how far? havent tried it yet. and how do you know if someone is trying to reach you? is it sounding? unfortunately i dont have a friend to test it with!

Posted by darhys

Posted by kazen104
ummm.. cool! that's good enough.

Posted by jplacson
10m is the MAXIMUM range... under ideal conditions... open air, no other radio signals in the area, and full power output.

Everyone who uses BT seems to complain and complain about the range... "range is too short" "I can't go in another room" "I can't leave my phone at home and just bring my headset all the way to work, BT sucks!"... IT WASN'T MEANT FOR LONG RANGE COMMUNICATION... it was meant to replace 3-5ft long cables! Be thankful it can even reach 10ft considering how little power it drains... try plugging in an 802.11b chipset and get your 100ft range... and 15min battery life.

Sorry.. just had to vent... anyway... BT can realistically hit 15-20ft in a small cafe. 10ft in a busy mall area that's crammed with pico-cells and other people using mobiles.

I've never had any problems with my BT devices... for those of you who have BT USB plugs, it REALLY REALLY helps if you spend for a USB extension cable and mount the BT plug high up like an antenna...away from any metal frames or radio emitting devices.

Posted by Eamonn

Posted by darhys
but does it really matter how i post a message as long as i answer a question that been asked

Posted by bart
a company blue2 or something like that has a bluetooth pc card that can go up to 1 KM!!! but its only a prototype. i'll seach for the url if i can still remeber.

Posted by Eamonn
darhys: It just look like ur shouting when you post in CAPS...

Posted by wapchimp
ive played naval fleet over in work - the other player was atleast 30 metres away on the same floor - nothing in the way like walls or anything but everyone in the office has a moby - not all in use at the same time though & we are sat under a BTS site aswell - so get connected - then walk away from each other & see how far u can go b4 it is interupted - u will be surprised - i was.

Posted by peanut
i get 10m with walls ipaq to phone but only 4m phone to pc. I put this down to the ipaq having an adjustable power output that is up high. the phone is fixed and so is the pc by the looks of it.

Posted by Rui_Costa
I read this thread. I had to test. I recorded a song with my sound recorder(2-3 min)! Then I used my handset. I put my phone in the room, then I left the room. Kept walking, up one floor...into the kitchen. I still could hear that song i recorded. The signals went through a massive floor, and some walls in 1st floor. My room is in the north end, and our kitchen in the other end. I can't say that the sound were clear as crystal. But I can say I'm really impressed. (out of 6)

So I say: Stop complaining! Use it as it is designed for, as jplacson said!

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Posted by all8
A good summary of blue bluetooth can be found
and a brief summary of MSI bluetooth usage can be found here

On 2002-08-10 19:28, Bhaal wrote:
Bluetooth devices come in 3 classes:

Class 1: 100mW ~ +20dBm, 100m range
Class 2: 2.5mW ~ +4dBm, 15m range
Class 3: 1mW ~ 0dBm, 10m range

I think all mobile phones are class 3, to conserve battery. Most USB adapters are Class 2. MSI's however is class 1!

The ranges are the "officially" quoted, in theory 3 times this should be possible in space (Ie. vacuum... I think connecting between 2 kayaks over open water is very close to open space ).
A more realistic model gives indoor ranges of 10, 14, 40m respectively.

Actual connections are always two-ways. So the lower of the two directions range will apply (A class 1 connected to a class 3, should give 10m range).

The range also depends on the receiver sensitivity. The Bluetooth standard requires -70dBm, which is not very good (Cell phones can do *much* better), in order to yield cheap BT chips sets.
In simple (outdoor) models, an extra 20dBm gives 10 times the range (indoor values are more like 30dBm per 10x). That is why class 1 is listed as 10 times the range of class 3.
This is the same for reception sensitivity.
Ie. MSI claims -90dBm sensitivity, so in theory it should be able to pick up a class 3 device at 100m (or 40m indoors). As it is at the same time a class 1 transmitter, a normal (-70dBm) receiver should be able to pick it up at this distance too (ie. we have +20dBm both ways).

2 MSI devices talking to each other should have +20dBm from the transmitter power and +20dBm from the receiver sensitivity, for 1000m range outdoors (160m indoors). MSI does not advertice the extra range, but they do mention the -90dBm sensitivity, and then its up to anyone to do the math.

So your report that it does not have that much range is disappointing to me!
Indoor it should have 40m to ANY qualified bluetooth device, and over open water much more.... Unless they are exaggerating their reception sensitivity. (Or unless I'm mistaken somewhere along here )

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