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Best times in Gravity Defied.

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Posted by SirLafAlot
I have not found a site with some record times in the great game Gravity Defied - Trail Racing. It would be fun to know other players fastes times. I think im pretty fast on some tracks...check it out...!!!

Easy: 1-3:44 2-5:94 3-10:98 4-5:41 5-11:92 6-3:91 7-3:99 8-9:10 9-15:23 10-6:67
Medium: 1-5:48 2-10:05 3-6:29 4-19:05 5-13:88 6-14:91 7-15:65 8-17:69 9-11:78 10-14:85
Hard: 1-10:93 2-16:53 3-20:50 4-16:88 5-5:46 6-13:75 7-9:41

How fast are you...???

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Posted by jcwhite_uk
What phone are you playing on? My times are a lot slower than yours and on some there is no way I could get quicker.

Posted by SirLafAlot
I am playing on K750i

Posted by Senisho
Write out d names of d tracks so I can check how true ur records are..

Posted by SirLafAlot
I dont c the point with it but ok...

Easy: Intro-3:44 Shorty-5:94 Slope-10:98 Crackle-5:41 Knolls-11:92
Deep-3:91 Cliff-3:99 Hole-9:10 Original-15:23 Savvy-6:67

Medium: Indoor-5:48 Spikeholes-10:05 Downhill-6:29 Hillclimb-19:05
Modesty-13:88 Blocks-14:91 Bumps-15:65 Spikehops-17:69 Pillar-11:78

Hard: Floorboards-10:93 Tiptop-16:53 Dantes peak-20:50 Abrupt-16:88
Undertaker-5:46 Liberty-13:75 Intense-9:41

At 100%, Training day and Trial again i haven't come up with some good times...they where hard enough the complete the first time so i don't think they are so funny to compete with. But i got a friend who got a good time on Trail Again - 40:69.

Posted by SirLafAlot

Posted by SirLafAlot
SPIKEHOPS 14:29...!!! HARD TO BEAT.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by indiannawaf
Are these the times using the 325cc bike that you get at the end?

Hey sirlafalot i beat you in undertaker by 0.05 seconds. My time is 5.41 seconds!!

This is the best mobile site!!

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Posted by SirLafAlot
Yes it's the 325 bike...not likely to get thes time if not using it.

Great time...i'll c what i can do about that...!!!

Posted by Senisho
Kinda hard man, my record 4 intro is 00:5.11. d 325cc keeps bouncing & wasting tym in d air. All dis happens when I'm close 2 d finish line.

Posted by SirLafAlot
I improved some at Undertaker - 5:37...not unbreakable...!!!

Senisho:Intro - You have to pedal all away to the back...then a forward flip over the little obstacle and then land on back wheel and wheelie to the flag. As easy as it sounds. Backwheel goes for a lot of tracks to gain speed and jump really long.

Good luck...!!!

Posted by SirLafAlot
Well my time on Pro - Undertaker didn't last long...a good friend (WISARD) made the course in 5:21...great time...!!! "BUT" i'll c what i can do about that. I still got you on all other tracks W...hehehe...!!!

Posted by SirLafAlot

I AM THE GREATEST......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Senisho
I got 4:83 4 Intro. Not fair. It's probably cos of my fone.

Posted by begginer:D
where can i get this game?

Posted by nemo66
I can´t understand what should be so great on this game!?!
It is posted an many forums around the world by (i suppose it´s always the same person) an guy who tells that he don´t know from where the game come, someone blutooth´d him that game...and it´s the best game in da world.
Man i´m really......

Just IMHO....who like it...be happy.

Posted by Pilmoor
How about this for a highscore: 05.63 seconds on 100%

ok so it was gained using a bit of a glitch I found.

If you use the 325cc bike and start the track, then lean back so you travel backwards and very slowly you will go up the small slope behind the start area. Keep leaning until you reach the edge and with a bit of luck you will go off the end of the track into a (possibly) endless void. then just start leaning forwards/back until you finish!

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Posted by -=JOKeR=-RuS
My highscore on Hard -> Trial Again is 26.24

Posted by STANNY
Ive been playig this great game, but how do i check my times.

Posted by mychall
I am Pro!!!! I am greater than you my time on UNDERTAKER is 4:52 and SPIKEHOPES-11:61
you can check it on my mail:1mychall1@azet.sk
i can send you photo:)))))))))))))))))))))

Posted by freudgallo
I'm having a lot of trouble finishing the abrupt level

i have tried 500 times but i just can't get trought the highest peak.....it seems that the bike just doesn't have enough acceleration to jump to the top..

how do you do it?!

Posted by JC08
Have u guys seen the difference in speed between se phones and others?

Posted by MikeXJohn
My intro got 3:37!!!HAHAHAHA
My friend Trial Again got 21:99!!!

Posted by marran
Well, can you beat 12 seconds in 100%?

Posted by M0E
Hi guys, nice to have this site to exchange the products of a thousand hours.
Except for the fact, that I was shocked to read, that I was beaten on so many tracks, I believed to be already maxed out by myself.
I think here are the last times worth mentioning (but still improvable):

Intro 3:33
Blocks 14:52
Bumps 12:62

Keep up the competition!
I'll just start to reach you on the others now.

Posted by strizlow800
I've tried the game. This thing is very similar to "Monster Truck" which can be played on Miniclip. But there is a mobile version of the Monster Truck that can be played on the K750/W800. Anyway, good thing when you dont have anything else to do .

Posted by BOSSHOGG
Don't know if anyone here knows, but there's a modded version with 300 levels, some are really buggy, but it works well.

Obviously i can't post a link, but it's not hard to figure out where to get it

Posted by $herry
where can i get gravity defied AND monster truck?

Im gonna beat u all

Posted by gola
just downloaded it and i'm loving it_________________
You can't handle the truth...

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Posted by ROSAN
Are you guys talking abt that game which is in Russian?
Fuck I can't get the instructions. Without that I have just unknowingly completed some levels. Would you Plz give a link to that game which is in english. I loved the game because of its difficulty levelx. A good time pass when no any work.
Have fun guys.

Posted by ROSAN
Ok guys I got that game with english menu. Wait and watch I will beat you.

Posted by ROSAN
Guys what a tough game? Damn it I can't play. Only crossed Easy level and am stuck in medium.
If you like more guys just go for Gravity Defied PRO. (Not gravity defied trial racing)
Its of 105 kb with more than 300 levels.
I just can't even cross its first level. Just can say you guys will really enjoy the challenge.
Have a good play.

Posted by BOSSHOGG
Heh! I've done the first 100 levels in Pro, took me 2 weeks or something lol!

Posted by jufr
gravity is the best and the most amazing game i ever had on my mobile.
i spend hours playing it

here is my times:



intro: 03.91
shorty: 06.00
slope: 11.28
crackle: 06.43
knolls: 13.82
deep: 03.64
cliff: 03.97
hole: 10.03
original: 17.61
savvy: 06.89


indoor: 05.28
spikeholes: 11.34
downhill: 06.31
hillclimb: 16.17
modesty: 16.25
blocks: 13.53
bumps: 12.37
spikehops: 18.51
pillar: 11.77
trenches: 14.66


floorboards: 13.09
tip top: 16.47
dantes peak 16.51 (i think its unbeatable)
abrupt: 14.35
undertaker: 5.10
liberty: 11.65
100%: 08.30 (i dont know how you do 5 sec)
training day: 23.78
trial again: 19.69

ps: this times were made in a motorola e770v

if you want i can post the times of the other leages too but they are not so perfect as this

Posted by mav666
Hi! jufr, can you post some image or photos about your times? My "Trial Again" time is 21,80 and your time looks so crazy!
Anyway GG man!
I'll post my records soon!

Posted by thunderman7
okay heres my unbelivable uber times


intro: 3:35
shorty: 5.99
slope: 11.99
crackle: 6.46
knolls: 11.24(its totally uber)
deep: 3.85
cliff: 4.01
hole: 10.45
original: 16.41
savvy: 6.30


indoor: 5.84
spikeholes: 11.67
downhill: 6.46
hillclimb: 18.16
modesty: 13.51
blocks: 14.77
bumbs: 12.65
spikehops: 18.25
pillar: 12.39
trenches: 16.42


floorboards: 15.05
tip top: 17.45
dantes peak: 20.97
abrupt: 14.67
undertaker: 5.24
liberty: 10.93
intense: 11.34
100%: 7.07 (u got to drop from behind to get this kind of times)
training day: 31.60
trial again: 31.21

believe me these are all real time:)

Posted by jufr

On 2007-12-17 23:10:45, mav666 wrote:
Hi! jufr, can you post some image or photos about your times? My "Trial Again" time is 21,80 and your time looks so crazy!
Anyway GG man!
I'll post my records soon!

men that time is real... just like all my times...

but unfortunely i had to take my mobile to the shop because it had a problem...

there at the shop the guys reseted me my mobile's memory, where i had gravity defied instaled :S

so i've lost all my times

i know this looks like a lie just to dont show my time but is the truth...

i'm going to try to do that time again and if i can, ill post an image here for you men

Posted by Johnny Red
HEY GUYS!!! EPIC GAME... UMMM i only focus on intro and my best times are 3.29 3.32 and 3.33... tell me if u beat htese.. gg

Posted by Johnny Red
changed to 3.29 3.30 and 3.32.. can email picture for proof
enjoy this is for intro track with 325cc

Posted by jufr

I already have a 21.17 on Trial Again (better than your PB)... but i'm working to get a 20 or maybe a 19 like my old PB...


Posted by Middlelin3
Heey. Take a look at some good scores at Gravity Defied.

1. Intro: 03.85
2. Shorty: 06.20
3. Slope: 07.22
4. Crackle: 06.30
5. Knolls: 10.96
6. Deep: 03.67
7. Cliff: 04.01
8. Hole: 10.21
9. Original: 14.56
10. Savy: 05.93

1. Indoor: 05.55
2. Spikeholes: 09.89
3. Downhill: 06.36
4. Hillclimb: 16.61
5. Modesty: 14.15
6. Blocks: 12.84
7. Bumps: 08.12
8. Spikehops: 16.36
9. Pillar: 11.74
10. Trenches: 13.42

1. Floorboards: 12.77
2. Tip Top: 14.93
3. Dantes Peak: 17.31
4. Abrupt: 14.51
5. Undertaker: 04.94
6. Liberty: 10.81
7. Intense: 09.98
8. 100%: 28.62
9. Training Day: 18.82
10. Trial Again: 15.64 BEAT THAT!!!!

Posted by jufr
omg that 15.64 on trial again its impossible... at least on my mobile...

do your mobile has turbo or something?

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Posted by Middlelin3

Haha i´ve got a trick

On 2008-05-27 00:49:59, jufr wrote:
omg that 15.64 on trial again its impossible... at least on my mobile...

do your mobile has turbo or something?

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Posted by jufr
well i was thinking and it will be nice we have like a competition here in this topic...

i'll make a list of the tracks and the best times that i found here in this post (with the name of it's author on front, of course) to see who has the best times in the most number of tracks!

but for that we all have to tell the truth and dont lie about our times...

cause if we all started to make up times it won´t be funny to play that track anymore...

of course that if we suspect of a time, we can ask an image to it's author to ensure that time is real!

what do you think about it?

Posted by Johnny Red
Yeah man do that for sure.. thats what i've been wanting for ages.. just can't be bothered to do it myself... i think i still only got the best intro time of 3.29 but i got 3.65 on Deep but haven't seen everyone elses... nayway yeh man do that for sure..

Posted by ocean21
Could someone post the link to free download it?

Posted by vjy
link awap.ru/java/se-k750i.php?jid=100149&id=178&p=1#card1 this is for the basic game,free

Posted by jufr
So here is the list i promissed with the best times in 325cc of this topic:


Intro – 03:29 (Johnny Red)

Shorty – 05:47 (Johnny Red)

Slope – 10:92 (Johnny Red); (there is a time of 07.22 by Middlelin3 that I think its fake, check it guys and tell me something about it)

Crackle – 05:41 (SirLafAlot)

Knolls – 10:96 (Middlelin3)

Deep – 03:63 (Johnny Red)

Cliff – 03:87 (Johnny Red)

Hole – 09:10 (SirLafAlot)

Original – 14:56 (SirLafAlot)

Savvy – 05:93 (Middlelin3)


Indoor – 05:15 (jufr)

Spikeholes – 09:89 (Middlelin3)

Downhill – 06:36 (Middlelin3)

Hillclimb – 16:61 (jufr & Middlelin3) (same time lol)

Modesty – 13:51 (thunderman7)

Blocks – 12:84 (Middlelin3)

Bumps – 08:12 (Middlelin3)

Spikehops – 11:61 (mychall)

Pillar – 11:74 (Middlelin3)

Trenches – 13:42 (Middlelin3)


Floorboards – 10:93 (SirLafAlot)

Tip top – 14:93 (Middlelin3)

Dantes peak – 16:51 (jufr)

Abrupt – 13:86 (Johnny Red)

Undertaker – 04:52 (mychall)

Liberty – 10:93 (thunderman7)

Intense – 08:90 (jufr)

100% - 05:46 (SirLafAlot)

Training day – 18:82 (Middlelin3)

Trial again – 15:64 (Middlelin3) please post or email picture for prove

In result of this i decided to count the number of records to see the top gravity defied players:

1st - Middlelin3 with 11 records (without Trial again and Slope)
2nd - Johnny Red with 6 records
3nd - SirLafAlot with 5 records
4rd - jufr with 4 records
5th - thunderman7 with 2 records
"" - mychall with 2 records

PS: Tell me what do you think about this list and report any time you think that is fake. And if you beat some time of the list post it

Cumpz all:

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Posted by Johnny Red
Thanks JUFR!

Posted by Johnny Red
Hey jufr.. sorry to do this to u man.. but on easy; deep... i previously had 3.65, 1 ms bhind ur record but ive broken that and am now on 3.63.. one ahead... haha i think a new record too.. ty for doing the table man!

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