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GDTR - Gravity Defied - Unique Record! (or so i think)

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Posted by Shaunkii
Hey guys!
I've finished the game(u say:"well, that's normal you idiot!"), but i have also finshed each and every track with every bike. (except "Pillar" and "Abrupt" which i find impossible to do with the 100cc bike") What about that, eh?

Anybody done this?

And also, I recently discovered that if you have finished one whole track on only your rear wheel (i.e. without using your front wheel), instead of "Finished" written, you get "Wheelie!" when you end the track.

Posted by sunfury
Nearly the same here... Well, I didn't try "trial again" track with the 100cc. bike.

Why not to take a look if you mastered the game?

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Posted by Senisho
I finished Holes in 00:13:72 secs. Doubt if any1 can beat dat!!

Posted by Shaunkii
Yeah ive beaten that holes one, i did 11 something with the 175 bike

but ive finished abrupt too!

Posted by Senisho
Aaaaaarrrrrggghh!!!! I'm gonna beat dat,I tell u, I'm gonna beat dat! Just watch me!! !!!

Posted by Rikard0
no one can beat me.... on hole I have 00:10.35 and the other levels are better.......

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Posted by Senisho
Aaaaaarrrrgggh!!! Not again!

Posted by SirLafAlot
If you guys not have improved your time in "Hole" i think i beat you with my time of 9:10

Posted by procterdc
what is this game and where can i get it??

Posted by synagence
This game is driving me nuts all over again.

Had it about 95% complete on my s700 which i sold to make way for W900 so i had to start again.

Stuck on Pillar on 100cc .... on the S700 it took me about 70 attempts to do it and much frustration....can't remember the trick to it.

Anyone help?

Posted by jcwhite_uk
I cant really come near any of those times but I am on the last track on pro.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
People are already posting their record times in this thread:

Posted by faruzo
Hi, is anyone still plaing Gravity Defied?
A few months ago, after about 5 years of playing, i managed to "finish" the game.
It took me at least a year and several hundred tries to finish pillar with the 100cc, with a time of 1:62.60

Now I'm finally able to post my total time as the sum of all 120 track-records:

2622.42s = 43:42.42

I can't garant for the correctness of the numbers, because typing 120 times into a table could result in a few mistakes. But I'm re checking them every now and then.

I'm still playing and improving every day, when I got nothing better to do, like on the bus or train. so I'll have to update from time to time.

Please sum up your times and give me something to compare!
I know, there is someone out there, who wasted even more time than me with this game. And I need someone to compare, cause all my friends lost the interest in the game, when i tried to compare times...
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Posted by strauts
such an old game, but still so popular!!! I'm not playing this game a long time ago.

Posted by slugthrower
UPDATE: I'm now at 42:46.03 please accept the challenge and join!
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