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vodafone sims for free

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Posted by defensive
already had orange ones being given away at the beginning of the day, now's your chance to grab a vodafone sim card as well!

vodafone sim card

Posted by pmerryman
nice find, thx

Posted by happycheesecake
Cheers... Nice find!

Posted by masseur
thanks, I'd missed that one

a tip for UK members... its always worth keeping a daily eye on Hot UK Deals as they always show stuff like these orange and vodafone sims, and much more besides

I've saved so much since I started watching that site and you don't even have to sign up or anything to be able to get the discounts they find

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
reviews: i-mate V800 K700

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Posted by p900 lover

Posted by shelly58
hi thanks for the link...i just ordered 2

Posted by JT
lol I only ordered 1 by mistake. Time for some coffee I think

Posted by taylorlog
Cheers for the link

Posted by RyaN
thanks for the link defensive, and to masseur for the hot deals link

Posted by jenbones
Cheers mate...

Posted by RyaN
Just thought i would say i got my 2 sims today and they come in a nice swanky boxes.... ooooo! Cant seem to see what the numbers are though

Posted by defensive
yeh i got mine a few days ago, just sitting here unopened in their flash little display boxes!

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