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K750i / HCB-700 - Bluetooth connection problems

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Posted by davej67

I've just upgraded my phone to a K750i and my car kit to HCB-700. According to SE these are compatible.

I used to have a T630 and HCB-30 and was impressed by both. I've never had any problems.

Now (with my K750i and HCB-700), I'm having real problems maintaining a constant BT connection. It can last anywhere between 10 secs and a number of minutes, but ultimately it gets lost.

I also noticed that I had some initial problems maintaining a BT connection between my K750i and HCB-30 whilst I was waiting for the HCB-700 to arrive. But this seemed to correct itself after a number of days.

My 750i FW revision is R1N035, and my HCB-700 is versioned at R1A.

Also, I've noticed that when I use voice dialling, with my T630/HCB-30, the voice confirmation played back is loud, but with my K750i, it is quiet - to the point that you can hardly hear it. I tried my T630 with the new HCB-700 and this is ok- just as with the HCB-30. Suggests that the problem lies with the K750.

Has anyone else had the same problems? I've noticed that there seems to be lots of problems with the K750 and BT, but there are people that seem to have got the K750 and HCB-700 to work ok.


Dave J

Posted by davidb67
i have K750 & HCB 700 - just upgraded the car kit from HCB-300.

You're right, mostly issue lies with the K750 - b/t still problematic.
I am on f/w R1L on the phone, and it will hold the b/t connection with the kit nearly all of the time no probelm, but voice-dial is very flaky - the carkit seems to "time-out" before the phone is ready to accept the voice tag. it HAS worked (voice name dial) occasionally for me though. I have to say, I'm WELL IMPRESSED with the digit dialling, bl00dy spot-on!!
No such probs with the carkit with my other phones - T630 which I have as my work phone and hop between the two with the kit, and my "gathering dust" phones - K700,T610, & T68m.

Posted by davej67
Hi dave,

That's interesting.

I'm on the R1N035 f/w on the 750, whereas you are on R1L...

The voice dialling is fine with my 750 phone, whereas the BT connection is not being maintained (when idle) - it even disconnects before the screen saver kicks in (5 secs) after ending a call.

Have you not upgraded your f/w for any particular reason?

Have you also noticed that the voice confirmation played back during voice (name) dialling is quiet? This is a problem with my 750 on the HCB-30 and HCB-700. Whereas my T630 is load on both car kits.


Dave J

Posted by davidb67

I haven't yet upgraded my f/w as to be honest, been reading that the bluetooth issues were still not resolved, and since this f/w was newer than previous 8 week-old handset (replaced due to b/t fault - not holding connection!), and seems to have no trouble staying connected by b/t, thought i'd hang fire.
That said, name dialling isn't anywhere near as solid as T630 & T610.
don't suppose it's worth you "downgrading" your f/w version is it?

Yes, the voicetag play-back is MUCH quiter than previous (T630, T610 or HCB-300), it's not just your phone or carkit.

one "feature" of this new kit (which i'm really impressed with), is that I have the controller mounted near my gearstick and handbrake - i find myself trying to change CD-tracks or adjust the volume with it, like Audi's MMI system on new A6 & A8's - mine's a humble A3!!

Posted by davej67

Interesting to hear that you have had your handsets replaced due to the same BT connection problem.

I've finished up contacting O2 (my provider) and they have suggested contacting SE. They say that if that is not successful, then they'll have to replace the handset. I actually have 2 handsets (one for my wife) and they both suffer the same problem. I suspect that it's just a f/w issue since they have the same version, and not a specific handset issue.

Let's see what happens.

Looks like you can either run on R1L (BT connection ok but problems with voice dialling) or R1N035 (BT connection crap but voice dialling fine). Unfortunately I use voice dialling all of the time, so I need both sorted

I've found that on the HCB-30 kit, if the BT connection fails, then I can only get it re-established if I switch the ignition off and on again. But with the HCB-700, you can just move the controller joystick to 'dial'/'off hook'.

What exact version of the HCB-700 do you have? mine states R1A on the box. I guess that this is the initial version and since I've just bought it and the manual is stamped 2005 that it is the latest. Just trying to rule out the possibility that I have been sold an early version.

Dave J

Posted by davej67
I've now contacted SE and told them of the problem.

They confirmed that I had the latest f/w (R1N035), and told me that they were unaware of any problems with the 750i and HCB-700 working together - hmmm not what's reported in this forum.

They then suggested that it could be a fault on the handsets (what's the chance of that I wonder?)

Anyway, I've contacted O2 and arranged for them to be replaced.

Wait and see....


Dave J

Posted by ventus

I have the same problem whit my SE k750i and HCB-700. A friend of mine is working at SE and told me that this is a known problem. The problem lies in the Philips Chipset. This chipset has a bug in it and can't be fixed just by a software update. This is a real hardware problem. Not al the K750i have this problem depending on the other used hardware. So it can be that another k750i will work right or whith less problems.

They expect new chipsets in february 2006 for al SE telephones. It is also possible that the bad chipset is in other SE telephones like the 700, 750 and 800 series as phones from other brands

Posted by volvoman
That is very interesting, as I am having issues with my W800 and W550, yet my mate who got his w550 on the same day in the same shop at the same time, is not having any issues with his. I have tried three different headsets with my w550 and as yet have to find one that stays connected for more than a couple of minuites, and the worst of all is the HBH-300, which causes the w550 to have real problems in that it needs to have the battery removed to reset it to work again. Never had any such issue with my K750's of which I have two, and both work fine with all my headsets. I have had the best success with the Jabra BT250v on my W800, and as yet have not tried it with my W550, and have just bought a Jabra BT250 to try with it. The HBH-300 will not work with either, as will the Moto HS810 HS820 or the Nokia HS-11w. All three disconnect after between 30 secs and a couple of minuites.

Posted by davej67
Just an update.

I received my replacement handsets from O2, but they suffered from the exact same problems.

I then sent one of the phones to SE for them to investigate and fix.

The phone has arrived back today - and guess what is still the same!!! They obviously haven't tested it against a HCB-30/700. Hayem.

Will just have to call them and give them hell...


Dave J

Posted by davej67
The saga continues...

Since the last service center proved useless (ACR Logistics), I was relucant to deal with them again. Fortunately SE suggested that I send my handset and carkit to another service center that SE use to repair carkits Fleet Comunications). It seemed a good choice - even better I was able to phone them and speak to the actual engineer that would work on the repair.

I sent my handset and carkit to them the next day with full details of the problem.

After a week, I phoned them and spoke to the engineer to see if he had re-produced the problem. He said that he not attempted to re-produce the problem (hmmm), but had instead flashed the handset and carkit with the latest firmware and left them connected all day. At the end of the day all seemed ok, so he was happy the problem was now resolved.

A couple of days later, the handset and carkit arrived back and I was looking forward to finally installing the carkit in the car happy all was ok.

I first checked the handset to see the firmware revision - it was the same a before R1N035!, the handset had not even been reset - I started to wonder if they had actually done anything at all.

Anyway, I connected them together and left them for 1/2 hour. Guess what - bluetooth connection had failed again. The problem was still there.

So basically, after having had my handsets replaced by O2, sent my handset to SE the first time, sent my handset and carkit to SE the second time, being 10 out of pocket having paid for postal insurance when sending my kit to SE, nearly 2 months of not being able to use my new handsets with my carkits - I'm no better off!!!

Now that this whole thing has dragged on for well over 1 month, I can't return my handsets to O2 for a refund because I'm outside of the 28 day limit, I can't return my carkit for a refund, again, because I'm outside of their 30 day limit.

I'm stuck with 2 K750i phones that simply don't work with my SE carkits and since I use my carkits a lot - I simply can't use the phones.

I have sent SE a letter complaining about the fact that even though SE provide a freepost address for returning equipment for repair, I really need to have postal insurance in place (Postoffice charged me 4.20 each time). This I think they should re-imburse me especially if they don't actually fix the problem (they say they will charge anyone 10 if no problem is found - what about if they don't fix the problem!)

I am now a loss as to what to do next - I have asked SE to let me know what I should do.

A disgruntled SE customer,

Dave J

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Posted by davej67

I have noted your earlier posting, and have previously asked SE if this is indeed true - that there is a known problem with the K750i. As you would expect, they always deny knowledge of this.

Is there any more information that you have on this that I could quote?

Even though SE have not re-produced the problem, I am convinced that it is the handset - I experience the same BT connection problems with both my old HCB-30 and new HCB-700, but my T630 works fine with both the kits (I've left it connected for over a day on the HCB-700). Even though I have 2 K750i handsets, and they both suffer from the same problem - I think that they so happen to share the same fault.

Any info would be appreciated.


Dave J

Posted by wal
I entirely empathise with you. I have a 750i and it simply will not automatically connect to my Parrot Ck3100. Once connected it will stay connected, but disconnect (by leaving the car or switching off) and it will not reconnect- it has to be manually reconnected. Quite simply the 750's bluetooth implementation is a complete dog's breakfast. I am returning mine to O2 and will never buy SE again. Simply the most shockingly untested crock of **** ever foisted on the public. Full of bells and whistles to attract the clueless but simply fails to properly undertake core functions.

Posted by davej67
I would have to agree with you there - SE seem to have some real quality issues with the K750. They are a victim/instigator of todays ever quicker rush to market of new equipment with ever increasing levels of features - that I'm sure very few people either use or need, but just bloat the phone and increase the level of problems we experience.

As a business customer, SE handsets have typically been feature rich to suit me. But I'd rather the BT work properly than play MP3 files at the right volume level or take pictures with the right contrast level!!

I've come to the conclusion that if you ever buy anything then buy over the net/phone so that you are covered by distance/direct selling rights as a customer - i.e. you have a period of time, typically 7 days from reciept of goods in which to return them for a full refund. If it does not work then just give it back and move on.

I've made the mistake of attempting to get the problem resolved and now I am unable to return the goods. So I'm now committed to the long and painful experience of customer services and repair centers. I should have walked away at the first sign of problems.

Thankfully at least I've deliberately chosen to buy a handset and carkit from the same manufacturer, and so they have to act since they are advertised as compatible.

Let's hope one day in the not too distant future that I can get them to actually stay connected to each other.

Dave J

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Posted by davej67
Just to say that both my handsets are now working with both my car kits.

The guys at SE+Fleet Communications have resolved the problems and I've been using them for about a month now.

One of the handsets was missing a component and was identified by Fleet and soldered onto the board. This solved the problem immediately.

The other handset did not suffer from the same problem and the only way to fix that one was to swap out the handset for one with the revision as the first one and apply the same fix.

I still find that sometimes, the handset do not auto connect to the car kits when the ignition is switched on (although connecting to the carkit from the BT menu on handset seems to work), but after switching the handset off/on resolves this.


Dave J

Posted by davej67
The K750i are real hit and miss when it comes to BT connections, and it depends on the revision/month of manufacture a to whether you will have any problems or not.

SE are really crap when it comes to resolving any problems and I have had to rely on the technical people at one of their service centres (Fleet Communications). They were fantastic and would recommend them.

If you suffer from the same problem as me, your best bet would be as I did, send to in and give them all the details in order for them to re-produce the problem. I would then suggest that they swap the phone for a revision that seems to work.

The handset revisions are:

R7A EN - this worked after a patch of the h/w
R7B EN - this did not work and was swapped out for another R7A handset

Hope that helps,

Dave J

Posted by El_Shaman
I'm expirience the same problem with my bt jabra's bt250v, is there any solution??

Posted by roman.k
I am experiencing the same drop-out problem with SE W705 AND Nokia 6500 Classic. I am using CK3100.

Has anyone else experieced this and is there a solution?

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