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Ozura Java Games - RPG

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Posted by seanyeo82
07 October 2005 – Ozura releases mobile RPG!

Ozura are pleased to announce its first debut in mobile RPG. The development of the game took 2 months to complete and expected to yield a higher ARPU of mobile downloads from its distribution partners worldwide.

Game Description:
Welcome to the world of Ghost Hunter, infested with monster and quest, Ghost Hunter is an RPG game where you take control of Oitar the ghost hunter with his side kick Ling and travel the world looking for clues and items that will help your adventure in procuring a potion to transform Oitar into a human again.

Battle monsters and bosses to gain level, money and new item that will help you advance in your quest. Slay ghost, find clues, and travel the world of fantasy. Are you ready for the challenge as a ghost Hunter?

About Ozura Pte Ltd

Founded in 2004, based in Singapore and having its development studio in Malaysia. The company currently develops mobile java games and other java applications. Ozura is the fastest growing mobile game developer in Asia.

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