P800 picture galore

Spiderman wallpaper

Application listing. The first 13 pre-installed applications are listed here.

...and more apps on this picture. Emame, Filemanager and IceBloxx is third party applications that's installed later. The MIB II game is included on the enclosed CD-ROM's, but the games installation is optional.
Playing a MP3 melody

Communicam ready to take a picture of a T39

Pictures taken with the P800 on New Year's Eve

Chess video on Real Player (160Kb) or Windows Media Video (668Kb)

Writing SMS using Handwriting recognition Real (73Kb), WMV (321Kb)

Video of the P800 playing a video Real (174Kb), WMV (470Kb)

P800 exterior - 0:38 min (WMV 1.3 MB)

Fasten flip - 0:30 min (WMV 1.1 MB)

Applications - 3:39 min (WMV 7.4 MB)

Applications 2 - 2:47 min (WMV 7.4 MB)

Games - 2:29 min (WMV 5.1 MB)

Using the P800 CommuniCam - 1:26 min (WMV 3.4 MB)

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