Mobile Phone Photo Gallery - Photo by nakedsnake using a Google Pixel 4 XL

EXIF data
ModelPixel 4 XL
Exposure Time0 sec
Exposure comp-
Flash usedFlash did not fire
Image resolution12.19 megapixels (4032 x 3024)
Capture time2020-09-11 16:19:03

User Comments

I know I'm a minority here, but I just don't like Pixel's pictures. Unrealistic brightness where there should be shadows, desaturated colours, grain, noise. Pixel tries to get rid of shadows at any cost.

G3ORGE on Sep 13

BTW, if you receive low ratings, it's not from me.

G3ORGE on Sep 13

It's really a matter of taste ;-)

nakedsnake on Sep 13

Great details

BlueRacer8 on Sep 15

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