Mobile Phone Photo Gallery - Photo by Guarulhos using a Nokia Lumia 920

EXIF data
ModelLumia 920
Exposure Time1/1376 sec
Exposure comp-
Flash usedFlash did not fire, auto mode
Image resolution7.1 megapixels (3552 x 2000)
Capture time2013-01-15 14:43:00

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User Comments

Wonderful Daytime Shooting With The Brand And Talent Photographic Peter M. Ferenczi !

P.S: Arguably Today, While Sitting Away From Perfection Photo Of 808 PureView PRO, 920 PureView LITE Is The Best Solution In Picture With Maximum Resolution Of 8 Megapixels !!!

Guarulhos on Jan 16 2013

The best 8mp solution...mmm maybe with the PR 1.1

davidsic on Jan 16 2013

Yes This is Even !

It Was Only 920 PureView LITE Good In This Update Firmware !!!

P.S: Before The PR1.1 Was So Weak As A Sony Xperia !!!

Guarulhos on Jan 17 2013

Guys look at the upper left and upper rigt corners, they are bluured and lack of details. Next center of the photo, trees look awful. In my opinion lumia 920 after the update still is only mediocre in daylight photos - sgs III, note II, iphone 4s/5 cameras are much better

damiroz on Jan 17 2013

Every One Has His Say !

You Prefer iPhones And Galaxies... I Prefer The 920 PureView LITE Nothing Wrong In this, This Is A Democratic Forum !

P.S: So Simple !!!

Guarulhos on Jan 17 2013

Guarulhos - Yoy have right, so I wrote "in my opinion" :) don't get mad about it.

Ps. I prefer 808 PV quality :)

damiroz on Jan 17 2013


fbloise on Jan 28 2013

a mushy mess imo look at the top left and the corners. blurry

Bonovox on Feb 19 2013

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