Mobile Phone Photo Gallery - Photo by Kriomag using a prgCXC1250 092_EU

EXIF data
Exposure Time74099370.666667 sec
Exposure comp-
Flash usedFlash did not fire
Image resolution0.79 megapixels (1024 x 768)
Capture time

User Comments

Awesome shot and only 0.8Mp! Impressive! BTW, what's a 092_EU?

carkitter on Apr 06 2007

exif says:
Camera Make: Sony Ericsson
Camera Model: W800i

great picture btw :)

yellky on Apr 08 2007

im really impressed with this picture!!! 10/10

tranced on Apr 10 2007

cooooool mann...nice shot

jamesreboot on May 17 2007 nice pic...

imback on May 26 2007

I'm afraid I could only rate this photo as 10, the voteing scale dosn't go to 15! Exelent.

Lo-couk on Jun 15 2007

WOW !!! Right place, right time = Superb picture!

Herr Bruce on Jul 23 2007

Oh man! That's amazing! Where is it?!

student on Nov 20 2007

Perfect photo, the size hurts.

tammse on Jan 31 2008

What a good shot. The 0,8Mp make this to a WoW photo.

B.Thomas on Jun 04 2008

he he he... you guys dont get it... ITS SHRINKED. THATS WHY ITS 0.79 MEGAPIXELS...AND THATS WHY IT LOOKS SHARP & MICE IN "FULL SIZE" (which isnt full size of course...full size for 2 megapixel phone w800 is 1632 x 1224)

plankgatan on Jul 21 2008

^ pot,kettle,black

DickySnapples on Aug 26 2008

Fantastic colours, great photo. Plank, I wasn't aware that reducing a pictures resolution made it into a pointy rodent. Sharp and Mice? Thanks anyway.

marty mcfly on Aug 28 2008

can't believe that's only 0,9 Mp ??!!!


panonski on Sep 24 2009

Beautifull really :)

sale987 on Mar 21 2010

WOW!!!!!! Beautiful wintry scene

Bonovox on Oct 09 2010

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