Mobile Phone Photo Gallery - Photo by Guarulhos using a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

EXIF data
MakeSony Ericsson
Exposure Time1/15 sec
Exposure comp-
Flash usedStrobe return light detected
Image resolution4.89 megapixels (2592 x 1885)
Capture time2011-09-14 17:03:28

Phone Specifications

Max Resolution5.1 megapixel
Second cameraNo
Image stabilizationYes
Video recordingYes
5.1 megapixel, autofocus, geo tagging

User Comments

Nice Colors By Xperia Play !

Guarulhos on Sep 14 2011

indeed beautiful impression...10!
could you do some pics to nature and night please...

yce_marvel on Sep 15 2011

Ok! You can leave! This weekend put some pictures with these issues you asked!

Guarulhos on Sep 15 2011

I mentioned it because testing pictures i noticed that X-play seems to have camera's image quality very close to elm and x10 mini...
I want to advise a friend to buy an android with good camera x10 is kind of old, and the rest is junk...seems that play is the only who may deliver...
Please don't get's only a no-money-business!
Thank you!^_^

yce_marvel on Sep 15 2011

Not without a problem! Rest assured it will be a pleasure to capture these images, as well as contributing to you and your friend also put some pictures of this excellent forum android!

Guarulhos on Sep 15 2011

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