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Sony Ericsson K800
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The guy who game me a short presentation pointed out that this was a CAMERA phone. The first thing he mentioned was the camera features. The two buttons you see above the display is short cuts to common settings when capturing photos. The give you direct access to scenes and shoot modes. The K800 has a cool feature where it captures 9 pictures where 4 of them are when you focus, one when you press the shutter-button, and 4 pictures after you have pressed the button. All 9 pictures are captured within 1 second (according to the Sony Ericsson representative). K800 also have a image stabilizer software for photo and video recording.

User comments:

this hand set have best futuer , good camera
By karthick on 8 Dec 12:33
hey cool buddy its a very fone compare to N95
By HarikrishnaR on 14 Nov 21:44
Hey can someone tell me Why my radio beeps?
it didn't beep for a whi;e but now its beeping like hell!
By Viper on 27 Oct 02:33
i'm gettin this phone rather soon, and there are lots of very good comments
By wouldntyouliketoknow on 17 Oct 15:45
hi dont buy n73 my brother has this phone and the 5megapixel camera is crap and the sound isn't very good either k800i is excellent in daylight and night time i have a nokia 6288 the nighttime camera pics are very grainy but it sounds good

i found the joystick very easy to use and i didn't need to use the manual too find my way around took me half the time to figure out how to use every thing compared to nokia.

i have been a long time user of nokia only tried samsung once with d500 but i didn't like it but sony ericson i really like the battery if far better than nokia n73
By anon on 29 Jul 18:30
ive already acquire the k800 model. it is great.. how much is the price of the m2 2gb and 1gb
By yhanz on 27 May 13:56
this hand set have best futuer ,
By chandan on 25 May 06:14
great phone but my first one froze and this one's inside camera shutter won't open. My radio beeps too i think its normal
By alexireland on 2 May 16:37

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By Marsha on 7 Apr 11:25
Is 800i available in india? Whats the Price?
By vinay on 26 Mar 10:52

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By Steve on 13 Mar 08:46
is sony ericson k800i available in india...whay is the market price?
By syed on 4 Mar 07:42
ya koi actual price toh batado.. m desperate..
By hoogalahoo on 20 Feb 14:52
This phone is frustrating...

The applications and games folder keeps giving me an operations failed message. Some bug SE forgot to consider
By Jonathan on 8 Feb 01:55
is this phone available in india yet
By shanky on 4 Feb 16:00
i've got it las week.. its amazing.. i luv its shape but its lil bit heavy.. i think i want 2 buy n73 but when i saw k800i i really fall in luv wif it.. the camera its great.. its seems like i dont need 2 bring my digital anymore..
By k800is on 30 Jan 05:11
Awaiting for the latest price.. can anyone temme.. and how is the phone doine.. this question is for the users of k800i
By Murtaza on 27 Oct 10:39
The phone ia amazing!! but the joystick is lousy, having some problem with joystick all other features are really good.
By ShibuVargheese on 20 Sep 10:38
my k800i got problem with using FM radio, when using the FM radio igot sound like beep-beep, it continue a few min, can same body tell me what is happen.
By kim on 22 Aug 19:23
it seems to be the best camera phone today, but can someone tell me why the memory card is different in different location, in a region with no m2 card ,another with 256 mb m2 card and another is 512 mb m2 card !which of them is the original one !thanks.
By HunarHawleri on 22 Aug 08:56
The k800i is a fantastic piece of thecnology ....the camera takes amazing photos if you don't rush it too much ! only worry is the joystick problem of old !....oh, and so far the battery life is a bit pants ? and I dont use it a great deal too !!...overall very impressed and would recomend to all...even tecnophobes as it's very easy to use ,lastly the standard 64k memory can be upgraded to 1gb via a new mini sony memory stick that pops in a slot in the side ...brilliant !!
By Edd on 20 Aug 19:13
Had trouble connecting to a computer with usb cable. Has any one else had problems.
By KJ on 18 Aug 13:22
first i brouht nokia n80 i faced lot of problem replace with k800 it's a wronder ful set, i like all the features Iam always recommeds friends to but sonyericssion.
By meraj on 17 Aug 22:30
Perfect phone, just bought it a couple hours ago, but been researching from before it was released in the market, switching from a T39m is a real culture shock for me. The phone is very impressive, however, I don't seem to be able to put smilies beside contact names in the phonebook, always turns out -) instead of a smilie. I put 'em smilies for my special people (girls ;)) Well, over all, perfect phone and I'm really happy I've made my decision long ago about it.
By Ali on 17 Aug 21:29
Just recived my k800i and it is class.
the camera and features are in their own leauge, I would recomend these to any one wishing to buy a phone the is a leader in its class.
By ChristopherCoyne on 17 Aug 18:44
Yes the JoyStick for the SE is frustrating I have torn my K700i apart many times to try and work it out. SE need to realize without the joystick the phone is basically usless....I want the K790/K800 but if price tag is over $400.00 usd, i might wait till prices drop as new lines are introduced to the market.
By todd on 30 Jun 22:52
By Nokia5110 on 22 Jun 13:38
I'm getting mine on the 25'th of may (sweden)
By Gooze on 12 May 10:33
k800 it's wonderfoul
By Josue on 12 May 09:29
can smeone tell me price of nokia 3250 sony k800 india
By ANKO on 18 Apr 16:06
3,2 Mp Camera, Az nem semmi,
By Chucky on 16 Apr 22:27
Have read a lot about this phone and waiting eagerly for its arrival in india hope it is at the earliest
By Mahesh on 15 Apr 18:07
The phone is likely to be released in either late 2ndQuater of 2006, or early in the 3rdQuarter (May-August). Networks in the UK that are likely to be picking up and selling the K800 are Vodafone, 02 and possible the 3 Network.
By KU on 12 Apr 20:11
hi..we r waiting 4 a mazing k800...but what i want 2 know when will be avilble in the market and what is the price
By fouadahmad on 10 Apr 19:59
Very nice phone, cant wait. I've watched all the specs on the phone, can you add additional memory cards?
By JP on 10 Apr 11:35
they should add all these features from this phone and integrate it to the w950i walkman phone. if they can do that.... then i really dont know what else to say cuz, i cant complain can i.
By vgo on 9 Apr 08:30
I am pleased of my W800 but this pfones rules
By djchuk on 3 Apr 22:13
My K750 is now needing its THIRD joystick replacement.
And it's hard not to think that SE is using have changed to the proprietary M2 card so they can RIP US OFF again, now that cheap Memory Stick Pro cards are available.
By Wavemechanic on 31 Mar 12:57
Great phone,can't wait. When will it be available in South Africa. Is the picture quality better than the W900?
By InnocentMasenda on 31 Mar 10:02
yeah..that it, wil in my hand soon
By nizamtaib on 29 Mar 10:51
when will this phone be released in the uk?
By sarah on 26 Mar 21:22
lindo telefono, quisaz un poco grande, pero muy atractivo.... y el joystick esta muy bien, creo

beauty phone, mabye a little big, but very nice.... and the joystick is good, I think.

Chile. ; )
By MUa on 26 Mar 05:14
hmm i wonder why they moved back to using joystick since the w810 ditches the joystick; don't get me wrong, the joystick is fine, but my experience with my k700i is quite frustating sometimes ( i think other SE users out there know what i mean ;) ). i'm still using my k700i and very tempted to upgrade to k790/k800, but price-wise i might not able to afford it so in the mean time, i think i'll go for the w810 ;).
By Najdi on 24 Mar 11:03
Stunning and sleek. I own a W800i but this is a blast. I wonder how much it costs though......! Still a great phone in looks az wellaz the features
By Karan on 21 Mar 16:25
is very very very very expensive .............. ahhh nooo...
By AliImran on 14 Mar 14:28
when it will be released?
By Neapci on 13 Mar 19:10
I will miss my k750i but i will gladly accept that k790i/k800
By Bizzy on 12 Mar 02:16
Nice! Nice! An improved K750i indeed ! I wonder how much ???
By JN on 10 Mar 03:17
Good looking, sleek, nice camera but it has joystick i prefer navi keys. And sony still doesnt allow you to create a folder within a folder, personized your message tunes. But, Hey it is Sony Ericsson, See the K910i the Cyber Shot Phone
By Cris on 10 Mar 02:50
Aaaaaggghhh!!!!! JOYSTICK!!!
By gadget on 9 Mar 23:20
Not sure about that new memory card, if the price is anything like when the memorystick pro duo's came out it, could be quite costly! & if your gonna be storing pictures at 3.2MP & a decent music selection your gonna want a larger capacity MS. Other than that, love the phone & spec on paper, cant wait till it hits the UK market! Does any one know if SE have improved the video resolution to 640x480 like the Nokia 6280?
By Lilman on 9 Mar 14:37
You took the words right out of my mouth!!!
By Tranquil on 9 Mar 14:19
I am really gagging to get one of these A.S.A.P!
By axxxr on 9 Mar 13:45
Camera features are looking good and sound impressive. Can't wait to get my hands on that beauty.
By PeterKay on 9 Mar 13:34

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