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Posted: 2006-07-22 18:43
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i had one of these phones before i got my k750i . It is built to last. The amount of times i dropped it in pubbles ect. It still worked after giving it a bit of time to dry out. This phone is great for someone who is clumsy as its very hard (if not impossivle) to break!
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Posted: 2006-09-01 09:03
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Finally, I got myself a T630 after years of using T68 which I still have. Since the first time I saw T630 I already wanted to have one. I even bought both black and white T630 since I can't decide which of the two colors will I use. LOL! At first, I like the white T630 due to it being unusaul but this will accumulate dirt. After a week of having both black and white, I decided to use the black one matched with the viao orange theme. Cool! I then sold the white one. LOL!

What I like about it are
- Classy black look
- Small, boxed type dimensions
- relatively cheap considering the style and the functions in it
- still have the important features I use in T68 like bluetooth

**Well SE is very kind in giving out most of the phone functions. Other phones like Nokia removes the IR or Bluetooth features even in their latest models. Duh!

Anyway... Here's what I don't like about it.
- My Friends icon doesn't seem to be that helpful for me. I prefer to have
My Shortcuts like the one in T68
- Very low memory of 2MB
- Sometimes the joystick doesn't respond due to dirt maybe (Is there
something to apply in it to avoid this?
- still poor camera. needs enough light
- doesn't have the "read next" option on the inbox like what the T68 have

Despite the difficiencies, T630 is still a good pick.
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Posted: 2007-06-08 01:10
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Ah, I loved that phone, one of my first SE's
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From: NSW, Australia
Posted: 2007-08-24 06:00
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The T630 was my first phone at the age of 15 or 16, following suit of my older brother who first owned a T610. I fell easily loyal to SE but after a year or so the Joystick began to get really sticky - the down function first, then just recently the left and right ones.

This saddened me because I loved using the Joystick to play V-rally

However, I need a new phone - Torn between staying with SE and their beloved Joystick and moving to another brand.

Until! The birth of the T650i This is my saviour.
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Posted: 2007-09-10 08:43
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was a decent candy bar phone but dint really dig the camera nor the screen even though it was a 65k color screen
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Posted: 2008-01-03 02:59
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ive had the T637 (North American Version) for 3 years now and its finally showing the wear and tear. the joystick doesnt work anymore =( so now im looking at getting the lg prada
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Posted: 2008-01-03 10:55
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There are fixes for the joystick problems on the T630, if you were to do a quick search on here. Then you could keep it as your back-up phone.

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