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Author T610 - first impressions... and resources wanted
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Posted: 2003-05-25 12:46
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Hi, I'm from Calcutta, India and I bought my first T610 on 23rd May. Yes, I wrote 'first' because the joystick turned out to defective. It got stuck everytime I pushed it to the 'right'.

Imagine this... brand new phone from a sealed box from SonyEricsson (the one and only Nokia killer) and bl**dy joystick turns out to be faulty. I've purchased quite a few phones in the past and this has never happened to me before.

Thankfully, the dealer gave me another T610 the next day and to my relief its working fine. Anyway, here's my first impression...

- The T610 is a killer phone, be its looks, build quality or the features.
- The dealer held the T610 beside a Nokia 6100. Both are same size but he SE T610 is way ahead in everything else.
- Hissing sound is there but its noticeable only in a quiet environment
- Screen is fantastic but not clearly visible under sunlight
- SMS is much faster than the T68i
- Camera seems to be average. Picture quality isn't that great even in daylight
- My phone has 878 kb free out of the box

I'm planning a detailed review on my website soon. so keep watching this space...

Why don't you guys share your first impressions about the T610 here. Also, let us list all available resources for T610, specially Java/Mophun games in this place.

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Posted: 2003-05-25 15:27
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Your impression about rx..? I'm disappointed about T68 rx...

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Posted: 2003-07-11 09:30
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1st impression... the phone is awesome!!! didn't had the chance to experience the problems posted with the 1st batch of T610 out in the market. I'm lucky i guess!!!

As for the KB free, I had the same size too when I got it. I just did a MASTER RESET and it gave me 1.7KB of free space.
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