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Posted: 2021-09-07 20:46
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Hello everybody, I have a problem with my phone Sony Ericsson Elm, which I'm using non-stop (till week ago). The phone became slower, I couldn't watch videos, started crashing and I decided to make factory reset prom the menu. The phone restarted and on the "Please wait" screen it stucked on about 50%. For a hours there was no progress. I decided to reflash it using 4SE - tool 2.0.4. It was succsessful - when I turned on the phone it loaded ok (the "Please wait" screen was up to 100%) and the Demo started. When I turned off the phone to insert SIM card and turned it on again the "Please wait" screen appeared again, but with progress staying at 0%. I tried Unlock (no sucsess, because the phone is with CID81) and Phone lock reset (sucsessful), but with no result.

Firmware version R7CA061

Thanks in advance for your help!
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