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Author And my Xperia 1 is dead: long rant
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Posted: 2020-06-17 20:41
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Hi all,
I've been a member here for a long time no, but I do not usually write.
Have been also with Sony since Ericsson phones... And I have had a lot of them.
But today I'm fed up.
A few years ago my Z1 compact died in a swimming pool.
2 years ago my silver Z5 premium screen died in a swimming pool.
I learned the lesson: no more Sony water resistant phone in the pool.

3 days ago my Xperia 1's screen stopped working.
It was very hot here in Cairo where I live, and I had the idea before going for a walk with the family to clean up the X1.
I poured some water on the screen and dried it up with a dry towel. 15 minutes later the screen started turning off and on, with no reason. 5 minutes later nothing could turn it back on.

Back home, after a couple of tests, I could describe the problem as the following pattern:
Starting the phone => Sony's logo =>Xperia's logo => desktop with the time widget, fades out to a black screen.
I immediately suspected the proximity sensor...

I tried the following:
- Soft reset with power/volume up, 1 vibration + 3 vibrations => same pattern restart until screen fades out
- Put the phone in rice for 2 days => nothing
- Tried the safe mode, but doesn't work from boot on xperia 1
- Tried the recovery mode, doesn't exist on Xperia 1 (answer from Sony team)
- Tried to fix the software with Xperia companion, but since the phone is locked, cannot fix, but can reinstall soft
- Tried a bunch of software found on the net, nothing worked, problem with phone locked

Hopeless, I decided to open the phone. I had bought tools when I changed my Z2 tablet's screen.
I watched a tutorial, removed the back of the phone, 20 screws of 21 (1 got stripped, super bad quality).
Then came the motherboard cover and the motherboard.
Found the proximity sensor, cleaned it (kind of). Found a rubberized adhesive next to it that was kind of weird...
Closed back the phone, sans the screws and turned it back on => same pattern, phone turns on until screen fades out. Byebye.
I cried ...

At that point I was pretty sure it was the proximity sensor, but had no idea what to do. I read on a thread that proximity sensor are infrared and can be checked if they are emitting using a camera, so I tried and saw the light.
Confirmed: my X1's proximity sensor is always ON.
If you are still reading here, I must tell you I used my last resort: hard reset => lost all my data, the phone booted, setup started and the screen faded out...

So in all 3 cases (Z1 compact, Z5 premium and Xperia 1), water was involved, as well as direct sunlight, in hot weather with temperature exceeding 35 degrees and probably a lot more in direct sunlight.
So is it the water, direct sunlight or a defective proximity sensor, who knows.
Either way, I'm fed up of Sony's phones, nobody can repair them here.
Will I be getting the Xperia 1 ii? Maybe.
Sorry for this very long rant.
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Posted: 2020-06-17 21:27
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sorry to hear about your 1 dying.

sounds like you need to be more careful about exposing it to water. Yes, these phones are made to withstand splashes and even submersion (down to 1 meter) for 30 minutes (or so they say).

but this protection is only as good as the seals. Since you live in a hot climate, heat may be effecting the seals. Not only that, but heat and cold (from the water) may be causing microscopic cracks in the materials involved that would cause the water resistant seal to become faulty.

I think water may have gotten in and shorted your screen's connection to the proximity sensor or damaged the proximity sensor itself. if i were you, i would attempt to disconnect the proximity sensor from the screen or the motherboard. that way your screen will never turn off due to proximity sensor. However, your description of the screen FADING out sounds like maybe it isn't the proximity but simply the screen unable to power back on.

Anyway.. it sucks that you don't have any repair spots. I know the feeling. Even though Xperias are slowly becoming more commonly sold here in the United States, there are no repair locations and I would have to send it abroad if i wanted to do a warranty repair.

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Posted: 2020-10-06 21:36
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Unfortunately it's the climate you live in. Long exposure to substantial heat has made the screen seal crack or deform. Absolutely common for summer time even in continental climates no matter what phone brand you use. I hope you didn't try to clean the earpiece cause earpiece has a seal on it as well and you can puncture it easily. Check your earpiece seal if it's there at all or if it's damaged. If it is torn, then that's how the water got in and shorted your proximity sensor or even something more. Open your phone again and try to disconnect the sensor, it should boot up fine without it. If you happen to fix it make sure you never go near the water with that phone cause water will get in from every gap there is because seals are now gone once you open up the phone.
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