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Posted: 2018-04-18 06:46
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Hi Guys.

As per title really. I know a lot of the remaining members are the OG's of this Forum and seeing as I know a fair few pass through from time to time it would be nice to hear how your life has changed in the last 10+ years with the change of technology and stuff.

Myself personally have been using iPhone's since the iPhone 4 came out. Have also owned a few Blackberry's/Samsung Galaxy's over the years but currently using a iPhone 8 Plus which I love. I do miss how SE and Nokia used to rule the industry. Feels like yesterday I was buying off here left and right

Console wise its Xbox for PUBG/Forza and PS4 for GTA/COD. Wouldn't mind a Switch but price is a little much unless themarques makes a return and ships me one hella cheap

Regarding personal life purchased a house last year and recently moved in after a near full renovation which has been a nightmare doing 80% of it myself while juggling 12 hour shifts, been with my current missus 5 and a half years and about to get married next month which won't be fun

Car wise? Well it's BMW forever now. Had multiple of them and currently drive a 2008 525d. Never failed me yet!

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Posted: 2018-04-19 11:42
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Hey there!

It's been a while.

10 years? 10 years! Well, Been married to my wife almost 7 years, we have a baby and we're getting our own apartment this year. About gaming? My last console was the Nintendo Gamecube.

...been with my current missus 5 and a half years and about to get married next month which won't be fun

It'll be. Believe me. It'll be
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Posted: 2018-04-30 22:44
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Hows my life changed? Not much, a few cars, still using Sony phones (XZ Premium at the moment). Losing my dad a month was shit. Put on a bit more weight. Getting older. Can't believe it's 14 years since I started on esato, it's nothing like it used to be.
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Posted: 2018-05-01 09:48
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Phones: Lots of Xperia phones, not had another manufacturer device for longer than a week such as iPhone and Galaxy devices. My favourite was my Z1 Compact in lime but that may change with my current XZ1 Compact.

Life: Got my PhD and am doing a job that I love. Have a wife of 5 years and my son will be 2 in June. Purchased a flat that I rent out then bought a house that we've been in for 3 years. House was completely redone, new electrics and heating and built a **** extension and loft room in 6 months. The previous owner was an old lady abandoned by her family to the point that she had no ceiling lights and was living with table lamps in each room. Plan to sell both house and flat in the next 2 years to move to my 'forever' home.

Travel: Been to New York, Seattle, Toronto, Antalya in Turkey, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Sepang in Malaysia, Singapore and Paris.

Games: Playstation 3 and 4 with every Gran Turismo since the original. Really miss the old ones where you had to grind with no money and pick up second hand cars. Really miss the old legendary cars like the R33 Skyline, Honda CRX box design as well as powersliding the old Volvo estates.

Cars: Mk4 Golf Tdi up to 180,000 miles on the clock and eventual death. Got a 2006 BMW 320 but that died after a year only with the engine fix cost to be 2.5K so sold it for scrap. Now in a 2007 BMW 320d which I love, got lots of torque particularly in the higher gears. I'm waiting for the new 3 series to drop and then may look to upgrade to a F30 3 series. Don't want to go full out on a car until I can make my house move.

Would be interesting to post again in 10 years and see how people have progressed.
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