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Posted: 2017-12-23 08:45
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The Galaxy Note8 is hitting the top lists of most Reviewers Top 2017 Smartphone lists

The Top 5 Smartphones of 2017 - Pocketnow Editors Vote!

They gave it a fitting description: "Pocketable Super Computer"
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Posted: 2017-12-31 08:25
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finally site is back up.

On 2017-10-27 11:00:55, Ranjith wrote:
Folks at Samsung would be sighing with relief and busy celebrating. They are going to close out 2017 as their year. Remember people predicted Samsung to shut shop or at least kill the Note line up during the N7 fiasco? And here they are...breaking sales records while all their major competition are facing some or the other woes. LG and Pixel with display issues and Apples rumored delays. What a turn around!

Not sure whom here was predicting Samsung would shut down shop or kill the Note lineup (Samsung is MORE than their electronics division).

Yet please tell me, and others here with factual proof from Samsung what "Sales" records across the globe their actually breaking?

Forbes Magazine
Date: OCT 5, 2017
Source URL:[....]-an-awesome-2017/#ce7fe204aa50

But consumers seem to have forgiven Samsung Electronics. Analysts are predicting record-crushing
sales for the Galaxy Note 8, the successor to the Galaxy Note 7. Lee Soon-hak of Hanwha Investment and Securities told The Investor last month that he expects sales of up to 12 million Note 8 units. That beats the previous record — 8.5 million Note 5 units.

South Koreans bought 270,000 units in its first weekend in stores, The Investor reported on Sept. 18, compared to 160,000 units of the preceding model. (The firm has not yet released worldwide sales data.)

What an analyst EXPECTS vs actual sales or shipping numbers (fulfillment of orders/pre-orders) is very different. Let's look onward shall we?

BGR - Note 8 US Pre-Orders
The Galaxy Note 8 is already selling like crazy, and it’s not even out yet
Date: September 8th, 2017 at 5:58 PM
Source URL:[....]rs-sales-numbers-vs-galaxy-s8/

Samsung has revealed that pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 8 have surpassed any other Note preorder in history, with more Note 8 devices purchased than any other Note in the same time period. It’s the final reassurance Samsung needed that the Note 7 debacle didn’t destroy the company’s reputation, or its ability to sell a crazy number of phones.

Samsung isn’t giving official numbers yet, but it has issued a press release saying “more people in the U.S. have purchased the Galaxy Note8 than previous Samsung Note phones during the same time period,” which is a vague way of saying pre-orders are going really well.

WTF? Why can't Samsung publish factual numbers with a press release vs a vague statement saying device is selling well?! I'm sure it's selling VERY well ... but there shouldn't be an excuse not to publish the numbesr, when the company never stated it would stop doing so, so what gives? Again I'm looking for factual numbers, not analysts expectations or summary's ... real numbers.

Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders beat all other Notes
Source URL:[....]beat-all-other-notes-12499339/
Date: Sep 12, 2017

[sub-source within this article is from Reuters:
beating its predecessor Note 7 over five days by about 2.5 times[....]mong-note-series-idUSKCN1BN050

It would seem that the Galaxy Note 8 is on its way to being a success. Last week, pre-order numbers began surfacing from South Korea and showed us that interest was outpacing that of the Galaxy Note 7. Today, we’re getting a more complete picture of Note 8 pre-orders, and they paint a rather pleasant picture for Samsung, which had a lot riding on this release


According to a new report from Reuters, Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders have climbed to around 650,000. That number represents pre-orders from around 40 countries over the span of 5 days, which is impressive to say the least. Even more impressive is that they’re around 2.5 times higher than pre-orders for the Note 7, which means that the Note line hasn’t stumbled at all in the wake of last year’s battery debacle

Now we're getting FACTS ... true numbers not estimates but proper facts. Good ... lets look further.

Samsung continues to sell Galaxy Note 8 like hotcakes, at least in Korea
Date: Oct 19/2017
Source URL:[....]-8-sales-hotcakes-korea-update

Samsung isn’t as forthcoming about the box office performance of the company’s flagship smartphones these days as a few years back, when the chaebol frequently boasted various sales achievements attained by blockbusters like the Galaxy S4 or S5

Keep in mind that a whopping 850,000 Galaxy Note 8 devices were reportedly pre-ordered in Korea in advance of the official September 21 release, followed by a steady 20 to 30K sales a day through the end of the month.

That crazy pace understandably slowed down in October, nonetheless standing close to 20,000 daily units on occasion, and never dropping below 10K. Incredibly enough, those numbers are similar to the local interest generated by the Galaxy S8 duo at the same point in the spring flagships’ commercial run.

Of course, you have to figure that everywhere else the Galaxy Note 8 is significantly less popular than the GS8 and S8+, since the former’s total global shipments are expected to “barely” cross 10 million copies by the end of the year. Still a phenomenal tally for a phone part of a family that was considered nichey and a tough sell just a couple of years ago.

Their numbers differ, of course a month later claiming higher global pre-order numbers yet NOTHING factual directly from Samsung, not even a quote so where are these "numbers & records" truly coming from: end users pre-ordering, cellular providers pre-orders (before/after wireless users on their service ordering or just in anticipation)?

If Samsung isn't as forthcuming about sales numbers, then where exactly is PocketNow (a Samsung fansite; not investor or global market research firm like Reuters/Bloomberg where money depends on facts) getting their numbers from?

Sorry I'm just looking for imperial hard facts vs what we'd like to believe (personal opinion) that's all. My allegeance to use another platform has nothing to do with looking for facts. Again I'm not singling or attacking anyone just the facts of sales/shipping when I read a line such as "hey are going to close out 2017 as their year" without any links to back it up with facts.

FYI my personal rebuttal to another iOS/Apple fan about Samsungs numbers
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Soure URL:[....]y.2095348/page-9#post-25609434


PS: I feel 2018 will be Samsungs year or quite possibly LG an underdog may have a breakaway year.
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