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Author U10i, hide folder from media scan.
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Posted: 2015-03-07 22:13
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Hi guys, i just got U10i Aino phone its ok but one thing is really annoying.

The phone has touch screen when locked: http://static.trustedreviews.[....]078f07/9ed5/12584-img3518s.jpg
U can view and slide right/left all the images stored in the phone there, its a nice feature but i have some photos that i dont want to display there. Is there any way to prevent some folder from being scanned by this media viewer? Ive tried moving them to various other folders (default is pictures) but it doesnt work, the phone just scans and shows images in touch viewer after few secs.

Maybe theres some way to do it with illegal charactes? Or modyfing some firmware file..? I just want a special folder for private files or prevent image file scan at all.

If i choose file information on jpg last line says: Distribution: Unlimited, maybe thats the setting i should change? but i dont know how to do it...

Please help... post some other fixes or hacks for other devices like k800 also, maybe itll work

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Posted: 2015-03-08 10:36
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if I remember correctly it is possible.
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Aino is an A2 phone. Far-manager and SE-tool should get you there.
good luck.
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