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Author Should I apologise and how?
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Posted: 2014-11-17 19:58
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I really like this girl I work with and enjoy talking to her more than anything. However, today we were having a great chat and then I went and made an error. I said to her I saw some chavs in a shop that we go to, and when she said what were they doing I said buying cigarettes. She said: "what's wrong with that?" In a cute but raised voice, to which I stipidly replied I just wanted to get away from them. She smokes, and I didn't really have a point to the conversation, so I'm wondering if she thinks I detest people that smoke?

I bought a gift (£5 cute fox teddy) on the way home from work as way of an apology, do you think the gift is ok as an apology present? I'm not sure if giving the gift will help her see I'm sorry? She has accepted gifts nicely in the past.

Do you think it needs an apology or is it best to let it drop? Also does a gift seem wield in this situation.
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Posted: 2014-11-17 23:14
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Don't worry, you wanted to get out. That's it. Gifts are always good 😉
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Posted: 2014-11-17 23:53
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She sounds like a nice girl with a good outlook on life but I wouldn't say it warranted an apology. Give her the gift anyway though.
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