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Author Ericsson GH172 battery charger (working thread)
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Posted: 2014-11-13 15:43
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Hi friends... I received the GH172 today, but I got some bittersweet news. While it has the complete set (including an old sim card from 1993), the battery charging unit (the standard single battery one that came with the phone) is busted.

Basically, the internal AC connector is broken and roams freely into the charger. I managed to open it and it seems that it got unsoldered for an unknown reason. As I tried to put it again back to its place and plugged the adapter connector in, the charger -obviously- doesn't give any sign of life.

Is there someone who has a complete battery charger for the GH172? If so, please let me know via PM or reply...
I would like to see that phone working and the only way I have is to charge the old batteries and see if it has some life. Thank you in advance...


P.S. Please forgive me for opening another thread. For a strange reason, I cannot post replies in existing threads, and if I try to edit my post, it disappears, preventing me to edit it again (since the post will be invisible).
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