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Posted: 2014-04-22 22:08
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Sony is a colossal company, which dozens of branches and product types. As such, indirect forms of marketing such as product placement are usual through its own films and franchises. The popular James Bond franchise is a good example of this subtle yet effective type of marketing, with Vaio and Xperia being featured proheminently. Another example is the recent Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

In the new Amazing Spider Man 2, I noticed Peter Parker uses a cool Sony Vaio Pro and a Xperia Tipo (I'm not sure, it could be a Xperia Go but it did seem to have the Tipo front bottom). Gwen Stacy uses a white Xperia U. I'll reconfirm this as soon as I re-watch the movie. Additionaly there was a brilliant scene in the past where Richard Parker (Peter's father) was using an old Vaio, a small detail that was very very cool on screen, the filmmakers actually thought about this and used a sweet 10 year old Vaio for the scene (most films would use a new laptop and hope for the viewer to suspend disbelief) I love these small details.

It's sad that Sony sold its Vaio division.

Also, while I love the Xperia U (the Tipo, not so much - ahah my mother has one), they could try to use different smartphones. I understand that, in a way, Peter using a low tier smartphone does make the movie realistic in the way that not every kid from NY with a aunt struggling for some money would have a brand new Xperia Z2 but.. well, at least a mid tier smartphone such as a Xperia P or SP would work better than a Xperia Tipo.

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