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Author frustrated oem battery of Desire.
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Posted: 2013-09-30 10:00
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I just recieved a battery which should be OEM battery for my HTC Desire A8183. As Soon as I received this battery a few days ago( the battery looks really legit), I plugged it into oulet and tried to charge it. But when I turn on my phone, it would restart again and again. Several times later, it finally turned on. Cuz I was not at home recently so I borrowed my friend’s MPJ extended battery he bought from their website and tested the phone again( he also owned an HTC Desire). My phone then boots smoothly and no more problems so I was confirmed that the OEM battery is a fake one! Besides, with the fake OEM even though it has full bars, the phone also constantly loses connection.…just regret to buy it…never buy OEM batteries for cheap anymore!! Anyway I just stop using that fake battery in case more problems occur… I have ordered a same new replacement battery for Desire as my friend’s this time and now waiting for it…

…Can anyone tell me more about how to distinguish a fake battery?THX
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