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Posted: 2012-11-23 10:41
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On 29th August 2012, Kazuo Hikari, president of Sony, presented the second major announcement of Sony Mobile. The flagship of these phones, known as the Xperia T, is also the phone used by James Bond in his 23rd movie, Skyfall. The phone spots the latest Snapdragon S4 processor, a 720p 4.55” display and an arc shape back inspired by the Xperia arc. On papers, these specifications are a match to the latest offerings against the latest competitors.

Behind the scene though, Sony also introduce a brother to Xperia T, known as Xperia TX. Specification-wise, Xperia TX is excctly the same as Xperia T, with a less, but interchangeable battery and a slightly slimmer body. Sony made a decision to release the phones to different markets, so regions getting the Xperia T will not get the Xperia TX.

But this was not the first appearance of the 2 phones. Rewind back a few months, back in May, Sony Japan announced the Xperia GX, the tailored version of TX without NFC, and added Felicia mobile wallet and LTE support. In August, Mobile Review gave a full review of the Xperia T.

Currently, both phones are available in most markets, and here, we will look at the difference between the 2 phones.

Design and Ergonomics
Both T and TX is an evolution of the Xperia arc. Both phones have incorporated the arc shaped back, but it is more curved in the Xperia TX. By design, TX is more plain (in a good way) while T looks more powerful. TX has an illuminated Xperia logo to add to its touch. Though there is only a weight difference of 20g, T is noticeably heavier than TX, but both are acceptable.

The all the buttons of the Xperia T is cramped at the lower part of the phone, while it is widely spread out on TX. I often found that I have to move the hands back and forth to access the power and rocker buttons. TX, on the other hand has a minor issue. The power and camera button is in the exact opposite corner. This means I often hold the phone upside down when I remove it from my pocket.

T spots a flap covering the microsim and microsd, while the microsd is hotswappable. In TX case, the whole cover has to be removed before accessing the battery, microsim and microsim. Since the sim and microsd is beneath the battery, user has to switch the phone off before replacing either. This is particularly annoying if you want to copy a file off your friends.

One of the main concerns with the display on Xperia T, as stated in mobile review, is that the colour seems to be washed out. One might think that MR was using a prototype unit, but in reality, it pales in comparison with every other Sony phones this year, even with my production unit. It shows an awkward saturation, trying to become too much like an OLED display. Thankfully, this did not happened to the TX. Colours are bright and accurate. Another issue we come across with the Xperia T is that the brightness level is low when put in automatic. TX has no such issue either. Here is a comparison of TX, ion and T.

Clearly, there is an advantage of viewing angles for TX.

In the camera department, both uses the same 13mpx module. In reality, both shows similar result, and have an advantage against the ion in terms of noise. Other than that, the results are similar.

Xperia T

Xperia TX

Xperia ion

Xperia T

Xperia TX

Xperia ion

I will not go into software as much, as both these devices spots similar software. It is noted, however, that T added HD voice support. This is surprising, since the carrier I am using supports HD voice, but only selling XT. Other software are so regional dependent, I will not go into details.

Here are a few core functionalities I found different with each firmware.

Face Unlock Bluetooth Tethering Wifi Tethering
Xpeira T (UK) Available Available Available
Xperia TX (Hong Kong) Not Available Available Available
Xperia GX (Japan) Available Not Available Available, but often with error
Xperia Ion (Hong Kong) Available Available Available

Voice and Audio Quality
I had been using Sony (Ericsson) android phones since the Xperia X10, and in general, their flagship phones tend to be low on volume. Well, moving from the Ion, I found that the volume loud and clear. Through speakers, though, TX seems to be slightly better in quality, since T sounds like its echoing from inside a box. Nevertheless, both phones could be heard loud and clear, even outdoors.

Sound quality of T and TX is good, but not stellar. Extra amplification are needed to drive some more powerful headphones, but it is good enough for everyday use. It will be good if they have added S-master amplifications found in the latest walkmans.

Well, if you read through my comparison between the phones, you will see, TX has almost an advantage in almost all departments. It is not saying that T is not a good phone, but TX is just the better device. Putting both devices against the GS3, I found that TX to be a worthy competitor, while T seems like a generation behind. There were rumors before, stating that T was supposed to be a worldwide LTE device, but they dropped it before its release. This might be because they did not have enough time to provide the certification, but if they have made it an worldwide LTE device like V, then there will be no match against this device, not even the S3.
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There is not much between the two phones really - mostly the design and accessibility of the sim and mem cards.
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