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Posted: 2012-07-10 20:41
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Hi Guys,

Got a few questions that I hope you can help me with as I'm heavily considering the migration from iOS to Android. iOS6 Beta2 is well too familiar and (Apple's Maps SUCKS!) not progressing far enough. I'm considering the Galaxy Nexus for capacitive buttons and screen size.

How many Exchange ActiveSync Mail/Contacts/Calender/Tasks/Notes can sync on ICS/JellyBean?

Can I choose which alerts (Calls, Emails, SMS/MMS, or other app alerts) show up on the lock screen on Galaxy Nexus?

Can I choose to silence SMS/MMS notifications (vibration & ringtone)? I basically want to leave the phone at my desk and nobody knows I've received these until I unlock my phone?

Can I lock applications with a unique password separately from device lock?

Can I separate GMAIL account from Exchange account emails (in 1 app or use gmail app for push gmail email vs Mail for Exchange)?

how would I keep my OSX Safari bookmarks in check on both Galaxy Nexus & OSX?

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